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Duravit - products for the bathroom of your dreams

03 of December '21

White Tulip

This is the first complete bathroom series created entirely by Philippe Starck for Duravit. The unusual form of all elements in the series refers to the organic silhouette of a blooming tulip, emanating an almost sculptural character. The series includes a monolithic freestanding washbasin, a round countertop washbasin, a rectangular washbasin also available as a furniture washbasin, as well as a small washbasin for a guest bathroom, for example. The series also includes wall-mounted and floor-standing toilet bowls with HygieneFlush technology, bidets and urinals. Matching furniture is offered in various widths, colors in both high gloss or satin matte lacquer. Alternatively, a solid wood finish in natural oak or American walnut can be selected for the fronts.

Seria White Tulip

White Tulip Series


A distinctive chrome handle completes the elegant look. The freestanding oval bathtub is available in two sizes. Mirrors in the White Tulip series are controlled by a sensor or app. The mirrored glass makes the mirror surface around the illuminated area appear almost transparent. The color of the light can be synchronized with other lamps connected in the living area and controlled via an app. The series is complemented by sink faucets in S, M, XL sizes, as well as bidet, shower and bathtub faucets.

Umywalka z metalową konsolą z serii White Tulip

Washbasin with metal console from the White Tulip series


D-Neo - a new complete series designed by Bertrand Lejoly

The versatility of the series is reflected in the range of basins available: from furniture basins and built-in variants to small hand basins and countertop basins. Multiple furniture design solutions from minimalist style to monochromatic, pop, or boho. Mirrors and mirrored cabinets are available in rectangular versions with LED edge lighting at the top. The series also includes faucets with a simple geometric shape, and basin faucets with FreshStart function are also available. D-Neo toilets feature Duravit Rimless® technology, and can be ordered with HygieneGlaze antimicrobial ceramic glaze . The 1600 mm long freestanding bathtub and built-in bathtubs are available in five sizes.

Seria D-Neo

D-Neo series



In order to meet modern sanitary requirements, Duravit offers SensoWash® multifunctional washboards , ideal solutions for modern and comfortable bathrooms. The boards combine the functions of a toilet bowl and bidet.

Produkty do wymarzonej łazienki

Products for the bathroom of your dreams


The product by Philippe Starck - SensoWash Starck f - has intelligent user recognition, a motion sensor that allows the lid to open automatically, a heated seat, intensity control of the washing water jet, and drying temperature setting. It can be controlled via remote control or app, and comes in Lite and Plus variants.

Deska myjąca SensoWash Starck f

SensoWash Starck washboard f


For more information, visit the company's DURAVIT POLSKA Sp. z o.o. page on PdA.

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