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Green public space, or resident-friendly cities

04 of July '20

Road construction has been undergoing rapid development in recent years. Architects, designers and engineers are outdoing themselves with ideas for designing pavements that are functional, durable and yet environmentally friendly. We can see the effects of closed pavements that are impermeable to water during the heavy rains that increasingly haunt our country.

Disrupted water circulation in nature results in prolonged droughts and storms. During such intense rainfall, streets turn into rushing streams and rivers. Sewer manholes are unable to receive such a large amount of water. Drainage pipes direct rainwater to retention basins, rivers, outside agglomerations contributing to the formation of urban heat islands.

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To counter these trends and avoid closed pavements, more and more municipalities, architects and designers are looking at creating permeable and greened pavements as a viable investment. Compared to previously used methods of pavement consolidation, the ECORASTER® grid system saves the construction of costly drainage systems and water storage tanks. Exemption from sewerage fees, stormwater taxes, and many subsidy opportunities speak for the use of the ECORASTER® system.

Installation of ECORASTER® lightweight elements is easy and quick, requiring no expensive machinery or technology. The pavement remains permeable to water despite being filled with aggregate or greening. Compared to heavy concrete lawn slabs, ECORASTER® grids are characterized by simple handling, cost-effective transportation and high load capacity (up to 800 t/m²). The water-permeable surface is significantly higher (95%) and raises the permeability coefficient of the pavement significantly. Unlike concrete openwork slabs, ECORASTER® grids do not absorb water, which protects against frost damage and increases infiltration capacity. A reliable connection system and numerous integrated expansion cells allow loads to be evenly distributed over the entire surface, regardless of its intended use.

NEW! EcorasterBloxx

The look of cobblestone, 100% water-permeable pavement.

Photo. © GalaProdukt

The pavement reinforced with the ECORASTERBloxx system is 100% water permeable, no additional drainage or connection to a sewer system is required.

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Cross-section of EcorasterBloxx pavement

pic: © GalaProdukt

ECORASTERBloxx in combination with Ecoraster grating, e.g., greened, creates the possibility to design parking lots of different widths to suit the Investor's needs. Below are some examples of combinations of Ecoraster grating with ECORASTERBloxx.

pic: © GalaProdukt

ECORASTERBloxx creates the possibility of marking special parking spaces.

Parking for the disabled, space for hybrid or electric-powered cars

pic: © GalaProdukt

ECORASTERBloxx is a barrier-free pavement. It's various possibilities for use. Also very innovative.

Advantages of pavement reinforced with Ecoraster grid and EcorasterBloxx
100% water permeable pavement,
▪ savings in drainage costs - natural passage of water into the ground
▪ does not burden the sewerage system
not subject to sewerage charges
▪ a ppearance of paving blocks
▪ highest load resistance - up to 350 t/m² with unfilled grid, up to 800 t/m² when filled with aggregate, for example
▪ uniform and wide (40 cm) separation of parking spaces
ideal for heeled shoes, baby carriages
30% reduction in installation costs
▪ o ptimum parking structure in terms of appearance and functionality

Photo: © GalaProdukt

Colour your garden - aluminum edging

Resident-friendly urban space is not only about roads. It is also green spaces, parks, squares, home gardens. Aluminum edging is a popular trend in public space. This solution was awarded the Gold Medal at the Gardenia fair, received the Garden Trendy award and a recommendation from the Association of Garden Designers. It perfectly replaces concrete curbs, is a durable solution, stable.

Aluminum edging can be freely bent, create inscriptions, logos... Here the only limitation is the imagination of the designer, architect. AluRite, AluDesign, AluFlex edges can be painted in any color from the RAL palette, anodized.

AluRite100 edging on a flowerbed, AluFlex51 edging fencing off an estate path.

Photo: © GalaProdukt

AluDesign100 edging in perennial garden, AluDesign for raised flowerbeds

photo: © GalaProdukt

Aluminum edging is manufactured by GalaProdukt. The original length of the profiles is 6 m. Edging is cut for a specific project usually to a length of 2 m (favorably priced shipping). Heights from 19 mm up to 240 mm make aluminum edging suitable for a wide variety of projects.

To meet the expectations of investors, architects and contractors, we are constantly working on the development of our systems, improving our products and supplementing them with additional functions or solutions. Both aluminum edging and the Ecoraster and Ecoraster Bloxx pavement reinforcement system have been developed using BIM technology. We will be happy to assist you in selecting the right solution for your project.

For more information, visit GalaProdukt'spage on the A&B portal.

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