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ECORASTER and ECORASTERBloxx pavement strengthening systems. Rescue for cities!

05 of December '20

GalaProduct water-permeable reinforced surfaces

We are increasingly seeing overflowing sewer systems and sinking streets during rainfall. The construction of costly retention tanks is only a half-measure that does not solve the problem of concreted cities and improper water management. It is becoming increasingly clear that permeable pavements are not just a fashionable trend, but a necessity today. Only their widespread use as a replacement for impervious surfaces can mitigate the economic and environmental impacts caused by climate change. The concrete and asphalt armor of our cities' surfaces should be changed in as many places as possible to an environmentally friendly and effective solution of water-permeable reinforced pavement systems.

Water-permeable parking lots and roads - ECORASTER and ECORASTERBloxx systems

The company GALAPRODUKT Sp. z o.o. has found a solution to the above-mentioned problems and has launched ECORASTER and ECORASTERBloxx reinforced pavement systems, which can be used to create load-bearing p avements (parking lots, fire roads, maneuvering areas) while preserving their natural function of allowing water to permeate into the ground.

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Water-permeable surfaces


The greened ECORASTER system makes it possible to achieve more than 90% biologically active pavement. The grates can also be filled with grit, or using the ECORASTER Bloxx system, you can get a pavement that looks like paving blocks, but is 100% water permeable. An interesting solution is to use ECORASTER Bloxx gratings as a separation of greened parking spaces and create a barrier-free pavement.

Water-permeable pavements Nawierzchnie water-permeableNawierzchnie water-permeableNawierzchnie water-permeable

Green water-permeable pavement systems can be seen as the next evolutionary step of urban planning and common-sense approaches to managing public and private areas

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GalaProdukt green roofs

GalaProdukt is also a manufacturer of ready-made greening modules for green roofs. For greening, the company uses various species of sedum, so the resulting roof requires little maintenance. The ease of installation and immediate effect distinguishes this product from other extensive sytems available on the market.

Fencing off pavement - GalaBord edging

For separating pavements, GalaProdukt offers plastic ed ging or extremely durable and elegant aluminum edging. The company's solutions have been repeatedly awarded, including the Gold Medal at the Gardenia Fair in Poznań and have also been recommended by the All-Poland Association of Garden Designers. GalaBord ed ging is eagerly used to create roads, streets, paving around the house, in gardens, parks.

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Fencing off pavement - GalaBord aluminum edging


Features of GalaBord edging appreciated by architects and contractors:

  • available height of edging: from 19 mm to 240 mm
  • variety of colors: on request we produce all colors from the RAL palette, 6 anode colors and design such as wood
  • length: we adjust the lengths to the project (max length is 6 m), the customer orders as much edging as he needs
  • quick and easy installation - with telescopic connection, without screws, welding, etc.
  • highest quality products
  • possibility of fencing off hot asphalt.

GalaProdukt service and technical support

The company offers full technical support to its customers. At each stage of the investment, the company's specialists provide advice and make every effort to select the right solution for the customer's needs.

For more information, visit the company's GALAPRODUKT Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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