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Fine concrete finishing materials for the interior and exterior of a building. Quality in stone

05 of December '20

The noble charm of concrete - Probet-Dasag finishing materials created with passion and professionalism

The motto of the PROBET-DASAG Sp. z o.o. company is "Quality in stone". The aforementioned quality is the result of a combination of passion and professionalism, thanks to which the company has been supplying the Polish and European markets with the highest quality fine concrete finishing materials for almost 40 years. The solutions available in PROBET-DASAG's offer allow creating a coherent and prestigious arrangement of the interior and exterior of a building.

Cooperation with architects - only perfect quality is good enough!

The company's creative approach, skillful use of trends, great awareness of market needs combined with specialized knowledge and modern machinery make PROBET-DASAG work closely with architects, implementing their most unusual and demanding projects. Not without significance is the fact that the company flexibly adapts its product portfolio to the changing needs of clients and introduces modern material solutions to offer new tools for design expression. PROBET-DASAG has Europe's largest production line for stair cladding and large-size panels.

PROBET-DASAG portfolio - a versatile range of applications

Modern paving slabs, stair facings and façade panels are just some of the solutions that perfectly complement prestigious realizations in public spaces and smaller architectural projects within private properties. The brand offers a wide range of formats and finishes, and many custom products are created according to individual designs on request. Our product catalog includes exterior paving, stairs, interior flooring, facades, small architecture and tactile signage systems for the blind and visually impaired, among others.

Nowoczesne płyty
nawierzchniowe, okładziny schodowe oraz płyty elewacyjne © PROBET-DASAG

Modern surfacing, stair cladding and facade panels


Concrete refinement technology - quality means durability

Thanks to the implementation of innovative concrete refinement technologies, PROBET-DASAG offers top-quality products that meet the highest performance requirements. Outdoor surfaces in public spaces, due to increased traffic and use, require materials with above-average strength. Outdoor tiles manufactured by PROBET-DASAG are characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage and abrasion. Our wide range of products also includes paving sl abs adapted for use in areas where car traffic is allowed.

Our paving slabs are:

  • precise dimensions
  • wide selection of formats and patterns
  • resistance to static, dynamic and point loads
  • anti-slip properties meeting legal requirements
  • High resistance to weathering, including water penetration and frost.

Nowoczesne płyty
nawierzchniowe, okładziny schodowe oraz płyty elewacyjne © PROBET-DASAG

Modern paving slabs, stair facings and facade slabs


Selected projects

Our products have been used in many prestigious places, including: the office building in Nowy Kisielin, the MCK in Katowice, the World War II Museum in Gdansk, the New Market Square in Wroclaw, the National Stadium in Warsaw, seaside promenades in: Świnoujscie, Kołobrzeg and Trzęsacz.

For more information, visit the company's PROBET-DASAG Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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