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Eco-friendly road surface solutions

04 of July '20

Universal in application of concrete paving of slabs and pavers
From the series "Outdoor spaces - solutions, trends in design 2020"

Concrete pavements made of sl abs and paving stones are used in many places and thus must fulfill various tasks. In the case of small developments, often next to single-family houses, paving stones have a primarily decorative function. The paved surface is used as: parking lots, paths, squares, terraces, promenades, playgrounds. In these locations, the paved surface must provide adequate drainage, as well as stability and strength of the ground. Regardless of the location, it should be designed to contribute to adequate drainage of the nearby area.

ECO GRATTA openwork tile - for biologically active pavements

In recent years, with growing environmental awareness, pavements have appeared on the market as an environmentally friendly solution. Available openwork pavement elements, allow for the development of free spaces with aggregate, small stones or grass, thanks to which the pavement is able to drain rainwater into the ground even faster, relieving rainwater drains and preventing puddles.

zastosowanie © BETARD

ECO GRATTA tile - implementation.


A novelty on the market is the ECO GRATTA openwork tile offered by Betard, which meets the changing requirements for the construction of biologically active pavements, which should be water-permeable, allowing natural, undisturbed vegetation of plants.




The area of holes (biologically active) in ECO GRATTA tile is as much as 48%, which allows the holes to be filled with vegetation and its natural vegetation. Surfacing with these products is not only visually interesting, but has high durability, making it suitable for parking lots and driveways both in front of a single-family house and in extensive industrial and commercial areas. The cube, measuring 40×25 cm, allows for quick laying, and the distances help maintain an accurate plane and equal spacing between the cubes. The surface of the tile creates an original effect in the so-called trace arrangement, i.e. in the line of circles.

ECO PIANOLA AND ECO FARM pavers - openwork surfaces

Similar to ECO GRATTA, the ECO PIANOLA and ECO FARM pavers are products created for eco-friendly driveways and parking spaces.

Kostka ECOFARM –

ECO FARM paving blocks


Thanks to spacers, they create an openwork pavement and also help to maintain straight alignment lines, perfectly harmonizing with the existing, neighboring greenery, helping it to water naturally and grow freely. ECO PIANOLA and ECO FARM, thanks to the spacers, drain water faster into the ground, and the resulting spaces can be filled with grass or fine aggregate.

Kostka ECO PIANOLA (widoczna
na zdjęciu po prawej) © BETARD

ECO PIANOLA pavers (shown in the photo on the right)


JOMB and MEBA slabs - surface consolidation and hardening

Typical solutions for strengthening slopes, ditches, watercourses are also available on the market. Such products are multi-hole slabs, JOMB and MEBA.


JOMB and MEBA slabs


These slabs, are also suitable for hardening parking spaces and access roads.

Płyta wielootworowa© BETARD

Multi-hole slab


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