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Precast concrete ready-mixed and custom concrete. Architecture and construction in all scales

17 of December '20

Concrete elements in modern architecture and infrastructure construction

For more than 30 years Betard Sp. z o.o. has specialized in the production of concrete elements for the construction industry. The company's customers are the largest contractors, but also individual investors, carrying out construction projects of different nature and scale. The company's customers appreciate the quality of workmanship, the abundance of ready-made prefabricated elements and the possibility of realizing prefabricated elements to individual order.

Elementy betonowe dla
budownictwa mieszkaniowego © Betard

Betard precast concrete elements work well in modern architecture and...

Precast concrete elements - application

The company's offer includes a wide range of prefabricated elements used for the realization of the raw state of cubic construction - residential, industrial, public utility, as well as road, bridge and hydrotechnical construction.

Elementy betonowe dla
budownictwa © Betard well as for larger-scale implementation - concrete elements for construction and infrastructure

© Betard

Precast concrete elements for individual orders

The elements produced by Betard in series are only part of the company's production and operations. Over the past few years, the market for precast concrete elements and modern architecture in general has relied on precast concrete elements dedicated strictly to a specific project and investment. Betard has adapted to this market situation and now the most important scope of production is the implementation of non-standard precast elements, made to special orders. These are elements designed according to individual needs and expectations of investors and architects, intended for both construction and arrangement purposes, for the interiors of buildings or around their surroundings.

Portfolio of precast concrete products in Betard's offer

  • columns, footings, piles, beams, girders, tribune elements
  • slabs of various types and purposes - precast concrete façade slabs of white or colored architectural concrete; precast concrete floor slabs - filigree, channel slabs, balcony slabs, road slabs, platform slabs and others, as well as foundations, walls and noise barriers and a wide range of elements of small architecture.

Elementy betonowe dlabudownictwa © Betard

Betard precast concrete elevations for modern architecture

© Betard

Precast concrete elements in any scale

The company's portfolio of projects includes numerous examples of the use of concrete elements on a varied scale - from huge girders of several tens of tons and columns supporting industrial hall structures, to precisely manufactured facade elements. Betard's product range has been widely used and appreciated by investors in recent years, allowing the company to sign off on the realization of many prestigious public buildings. Among them we can find primarily examples of modern architecture, but there are also revitalized buildings of historical value.

For more information, visit the company's Betard Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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