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A fireplace for your individual order. Warm up the atmosphere of your interior

07 of December '20

Fireplace in the contemporary home. Inspiring interiors with Hoxter inserts

Looking for proven fireplace inserts for your home? The Czech brand HOXTER a.s. perfectly understands the needs of modern customers, providing them with unconventional interior design solutions. However, before they reach their destinations, they are tested and prepared for a long, satisfying service. See what makes them stand out from the competition and why they deserve your attention.

Wysokiej quality Hoxter fireplace inserts Wysokiej quality Hoxter fireplace inserts Wysokiej quality Hoxter fireplace inserts

Quality fireplace inserts from Hoxter


Elegant customized fireplace

Among the off-the-shelf solutions, it is usually difficult to find a fireplace that we dream of and that perfectly fits our interior. The salvation from such a stalemate would probably be the service of placing an individual order based on the technical parameters defined by yourself, photos, visualizations or maybe just expectations. The good news is that Hoxter has introduced such a possibility and can fulfill orders based on the information provided. The resulting fireplace with a large glazed panel will provide homeowners with a pleasant feeling of warmth, but also the comfort and tranquility that comes from looking at crackling logs. Well, and it is uniquely "customized" for our interior.

Wysokiej jakości wkłady kominkowe na zamówienie Hoxter © HOXTER

High quality fireplace inserts Hoxter


What is subject to personalization?

  • The color of the chamotte lining (light and dark),
  • design and color of the steel controls (handles, grips, air supply regulator) - they can even be black, covered with matte Teflon paint,
  • the size of the fireplace glass.

No compromises - solid fireplace construction materials

Hoxter takes care of the high-quality materials from which it creates its fireplaces. This is, for example, heat-resistant boiler steel for the bodies and door frames, or components coated with heat-resistant Senotherm paint. Special ceramic-based Schott glazing is used to equip the glazing, including double glazing. Elements made of chamotte, a material fired at very high temperatures, are used to line the ovens. There is no room for compromise at Hoxter, which of course benefits the brand's customers.

Wysokiej jakości wkłady kominkowe na zamówienie Hoxter © HOXTER

High-quality fireplace inserts from Hoxter


Installation of solid fireplaces

The design and manufacture of the insert is one thing, but the installation of the fireplaces still needs to be carried out. At this stage, Hoxter cooperates with specialized installation companies. They also provide pre-construction assistance and technical advice. On this ground, too, the company does not leave users in the lurch.

The fireplaces meet all safety and quality standards, including those of EKODESIGN, which is only effective from 2022.

For more information, visit the company's HOXTER a.s. page on the A&B portal.

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