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Kitchen fixtures from GLOBALO - practical touches in a stylish kitchen

06 of December '23

Globalo at the forefront of kitchen innovation - Novelties that change standards

Polish brand GLOBALO is becoming synonymous with style and modernity in the world of interior design, proving that kitchen appliances can be both helpful tools in everyday life and inspiring additions to a space. Discover how GLOBALO is changing standards with appliances that combine modern design, functionality and smart technology.

Kitchen with GLOBALO - a new dimension in design and functionality

GLOBALO is distinguished by its modern approach to the design of household appliances. The brand focuses on both aesthetics and the functionality and innovation of its products.

"We like to think of GLOBALO as more than just a brand - for us it's a dialogue with you about your unique kitchen dreams. In a world where every detail is important, we focus on individuality. The modern customer is looking for more than mass production, so our goal is to provide not only functional solutions, but also products that perfectly fit your personal tastes. We pride ourselves on being creators of products that have not previously existed on the market. We receive inquiries from customers from all over the world, from faraway places, where our innovative products become a real novelty. This is a source of great joy and satisfaction for us, because we know that our passion transcends borders. Because after all, each of you deserves something special - something that will make your kitchen truly yours," says Krzysztof Blazowski, founder of GLOBALO.

Okap blatowy GLOBALO Plantis 90, zdj: Sandra Kruszewska

GLOBALO Plantis 90 countertop hood, photo: Sandra Kruszewska


At this year's Warsaw Home trade fair, held in October, GLOBALO presented its proprietary products for another year in a row, co-founding the stand of the Lubomirski carpentry studio and Naboo design studio. The brand, which has stolen the hearts of Poles with its unique designer kitchen hoods, this time presented completely new categories of kitchen appliances. Among the range of products appeared induction hobs, sink, kitchen faucets and dispensers.

Okap blatowy Plantis 90 marki GLOBALO w klasie energetycznej A++

GLOBALO's Plantis 90 countertop hood in energy class A++.


Innovative hob with hood - technology in an elegant form

One of the items generating the most interest among the products presented by GLOBALO at Warsaw Home was the hob integrated with the hood. This is an expression of modernity, innovation and understanding of the needs of modern kitchen users. Instead of a traditional hood, which occupies the space above the stove, the company proposes an elegant, flat surface, harmoniously combining the hob with an innovative ventilation system. This is not only space-saving, but also a step towards modern design, where aesthetics meet practicality. The integrated hood works effectively to remove cooking fumes and odors, while blending unobtrusively into the style of the kitchen. This solution is ideal for those who appreciate clean air in the kitchen without sacrificing elegant design.

Model Divio Antracyt marki GLOBALO

Divio Anthracite model by GLOBALO


Kitchen fixtures from GLOBALO - practical touches for a stylish kitchen

GLOBALO has also recently boasted an interesting collection of sinks that are the quintessence of minimalist design, which fits in perfectly with modern trends. With simple lines, smooth surfaces and careful finishing, the sinks can transform the kitchen into a space where design and functionality go hand in hand.

Bateria kuchenna GLOBALO Divio Anthracite, Zdj: Sandra Kruszewska

GLOBALO Divio Anthracite kitchen faucet, Photo: Sandra Kruszewska


Kitchen faucets are another important element of interior design, and the models offered by GLOBALO fit perfectly into contemporary arrangements. They are distinguished by modern design, elegant shapes and careful workmanship. Every detail is thoughtfully designed to make the faucet fit into different kitchen styles. The brand's faucets are equipped with advanced technologies, such as water flow control and a pull-out spout. These features increase the comfort of the faucet, as well as make it easier to perform daily tasks.

Among GLOBALO's novelties we can also find dispensers, which significantly improve the style of the kitchen and the surroundings of the sink. Thanks to them, we can dispense with standard detergent bottles, which keeps the area around the sink tidy and makes the kitchen look neater. It's a subtle yet essential detail that brings modernity and aesthetics to the kitchen.

Model Riwolo Antracyt marki GLOBALO

Riwolo Anthracite model by GLOBALO


GLOBALO realizes the importance of color in interior design, so the brand offers a unique color palette. White, black, gold, copper or anthracite are just some of the elegant shades that allow the equipment to be tailored to the individual aesthetic preferences of interior designers and their clients.

GLOBALO not only provides functional solutions, but also creates standards by which the details are as important as the whole. By introducing innovative touches, we can create harmony between convenience and aesthetics, making the kitchen the true heart of the home.

Design and implementation of the development shown in the photos:

Naboo Studio d /naboo_studio

Lubomirski Pracownia Stolarska d /lubomirski_pracownia

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