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Air-to-air heat pumps are effective home heating systems

22 of May '23

From the series "Heat pumps - Daikin 2023 technologies and solutions"

What are air-to-air heat pumps? They're nothing more than air conditioners, but for the average investor, they're a cooling device that also acts as an energy-efficient heating device, and they do a great job at this function.

Every air conditioner is suitable for cooling rooms, but not every one for use as a year-round heating system. Why?

Because for heating in our region that is considered cold, only devices that have a suitable operating range on the outside temperature side will work, that is, for example, can operate in heating mode down to -25°C. If we assume that the air conditioner is to serve us for heating in winter paying attention to its operating range is extremely important. Such a device is Daikin COLD air-to-air heat pump (optimized for heating). Several variants of indoor units can be connected to it: Stylish units, Perfera unit wall-mounted and floor-mounted model, and Comfora unit.

Why is an air-to-air heat pump an economical source of heat?

Because only between 20 and 25 percent of the energy required for heating is drawn from the mains, the remaining energy is drawn from a renewable energy source - air.

Daikin COLD Zena

Daikin COLD Zena

© Daikin

Is temperature setting done only through the controller?

No, the units can be controlled from anywhere via the Daikin Onecta app. To see how this works, we encourage you to download a demo version of this app. For those considering the purchase of an air-to-air heat pump, we have prepared a special, free Daikin 3D app, through which you can, using the "augmented reality" function, insert an indoor air conditioning unit into your room and see how it would look in our house or apartment on the wall, whether the color and size of the unit suit us, etc. In addition to indoor air conditioning units, we can also choose an outdoor air conditioning unit and insert it on the outside wall of a building or balcony.

aplikacja Daikin Onecta

Daikin Onecta application

© Daikin

The advantage of air-to-air heat pumps is, of course, that these units, in addition to heating, also have a built-in space cooling function. What's more, they are characterized by a quick response, that is, after coming home and turning on in the heating or cooling function, we will feel the effect of the devices after just a few minutes. In comparison, the response time of water central heating systems is much slower and we need several hours to heat up the water in the system. For this reason, Daikin COLD will also work well as a source of heat for buildings used irregularly such as holiday homes.

For more information, visit the company's Daikin Airconditioning Poland Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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