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Effectively improving acoustics with Nyquist. Design by ear.

07 of December '22

Nyquista - how to design with your ears?

At NYQUISTA ACOUSTIC DESIGN, we create solutions that effectively improve interior acoustics and actively implement projects to raise awareness of acoustics in Poland. We are happy to help you with the selection of acoustic solutions, interior design or supply the products themselves.

EcoCloudy ze zintegrowanym oświetleniem poprawią akustykę i widoczność na open space

EcoClouds with integrated lighting will improve acoustics and visibility in open space


EcoCloud multifunctional acoustic islands

EcoCloud is our eco-friendly proposal for a ceiling island with the highest acoustic performance on the market aw=1. We manufacture EcoClouds from eco-friendly PET material available in many colors, and the island itself can be any shape with lighting options. They are great for open space, shared spaces or conference rooms.

Dzięki EcoTiles uwolnisz swoją kreatywność!  Świetnie komponują się z ledami i WoodenTiles

With EcoTiles you will unleash your creativity! They go great with leds and WoodenTiles


EcoTiles designer wall panels

Available in many colors and any shape, EcoTiles allow you to create a unique arrangement for your client. Created with the best acoustic performance in mind, EcoTiles are like a jigsaw puzzle from which you can arrange an entire wall or a section of it. They look great individually, and blend even better with our WoodenTiles wood panels. Just one wall of EcoTiles can significantly reduce reverberation and improve speech intelligibility in the designed room.

EcoBaffle Box, który sprawdzi się świetnie w otwartych przestrzeniach

EcoBaffle Box, which will work great in open spaces


Modern EcoBaffle Box ceiling panels

EcoBaffle Box is our proprietary approach to ceiling baffles. They work great in open-space rooms, significantly reducing reverberation and adding elegant style. We designed the EcoBaffle Box 's slim design for a larger absorbing area that improves room acoustics, while the compactness of this solution makes the installation look light and subtle.

Mobilny NyquiTotem dostępny również w wariancie  Plant poprawi akustykę każdej przestrzeni!

The mobile NyquiTotem also available in Plant variant will improve the acoustics of any space!


An essential for any office - NyquiTotem

Many offices are designed in the form of open-space, which face the problem of reverberation and sound propagation. The solution is NyquiTotem, a mobile acoustic panel. It has phenomenal high- and low-frequency performance, while being lightweight, so that one person is enough to move it. It is perfect as a decorative element, and a few NyquiTotem become a mobile wall to separate workers from unwanted sounds. Available in many colors and sizes, as well as a "green" NyquiPlant version with a pot.

EcoLamellas to nasza akustyczna odpowiedź na popularne drewniane lamelki

EcoLamellas are our acoustic answer to the popular wooden lamellas


EcoLamellas - the most acoustic Lamellas on the market

One of our newest products. A unique combination of fashionable lamellas with the high efficiency of PET. The result is EcoLamellas, which, thanks to our refined technique of high quality printing, we can prepare in any color and with any design. EcoLamellas with wood printing are the most popular choice. They are a great decorative element, adding a cozy touch to any room.

Are you ready to start your adventure with acoustics?

Working with us, you don't need to know anything about acoustics! We offer full support at every stage of the project of acoustic measurements and consultation, through the design of custom solutions, ending with production and installation. Contact us and we will be happy to talk to you about possible cooperation!

For more information, visit the company's NYQUISTA ACOUSTIC DESIGN page on the PdA portal.

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