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Innovative, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly aluminum systems

20 of December '20

Aluminum in architecture

Reynaers Aluminum is an experienced international manufacturer of innovative, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly aluminum systems for the manufacture of curtain walls, windows, doors, sliding systems, and sunshades.

Founded in 1965, the company has been operating in Poland since 1989 and has participated in many interesting and challenging projects. Reynaers Aluminum's goal is to co-create architecture adapted to the challenges of the modern world, as well as solutions to ensure comfortable working and living conditions in modern buildings.

Fasada Elementowa EF7 © REYNAERS

EF7 Element Facade



  • CW 50 - a system designed for curtain walls, roof slopes and spatial constructions, providing almost unlimited possibilities for profile connections. With 50-millimeter support profiles, it provides maximum light access to the interior. Offered in many design variants. CW 50 includes, among others, solutions with increased thermal insulation, with a masking strip or structural glazing, as well as eliminating restrictions on the division of fields in the curtain wall (Multilevel), and making it possible to make a facade from the same supporting profile - vertical and horizontal (CW 50-TT). The insulation materials used make it possible to achieve a section with a Uf = 0.56 W/(m2K).
    Among other things, CW 50 offers a variant of semistructured facade with point glass fixing, which facilitates the installation of double-chambered glazing. Solutions have recently been introduced, allowing the use of even larger and heavier glazing for high insulation. A fully tested roof window is also available in the system.
  • EF 7 - a new element façade solution developed for increasingly taller buildings in dense cities. The system takes into account the growing expectations of construction dimensions, speed of prefabrication at the factory and very good technical parameters, including wind load resistance, waterproofing and thermal and acoustic insulation. It enables the prefabrication of extremely large modules (up to 3.7 meters high), and allows for shorter production times thanks to an innovative, simple corner connection. The redesigned console makes it easier to install modules and can take on higher payloads. EF 7 is available in glazing bar and structural glazing variants. It can be easily modified to meet the needs of specific projects, thanks to a large range of additional pre-manufactured components.


  • MasterLine 8 - an innovative system that guarantees unchanged installation depth regardless of the Uf coefficient. It allows any combination of aesthetic variants of the frame-sash system(Functional, Renaissance, Deco, Hidden Sash), which gives architects the opportunity to freely choose the style of windows and doors, also without affecting the technical parameters of the chosen solution. The thermal insulation of MasterLine 8 windows can reach 0.75 W/(m2K). The system includes doors, including thresholdless, panel and pivot doors, as well as the MasterLine 8 Swift solution, which, thanks to prefabricated seals, allows for a significant reduction in production time. A novelty is the SoftTone parallel sliding soundproof window, which protects against noise even when the sash is open.
  • MasterLine 10 - is distinguished by very good thermal parameters - the system is designed for energy-efficient and passive construction - in the best combination of profiles with glazing, the Uw coefficient is only 0.63 W/(m2K). At the same time, it has all the advantages of MasterLine 8, including narrow profiles that do not restrict the view.
  • SlimLine 38 - a system with an elegant design, reminiscent of steel windows, providing comfort and maximum daylight. SL 38 have a slim profile shape with a minimum frame and sash folding height of 68 mm. The system is recommended for the renovation of historic buildings, where it is necessary to preserve their unique style.

MasterPatio – rozwiązanie z płaskim progiem © REYNAERS

MasterPatio - a solution with a flat threshold



  • MasterPatio - a new lift-and-slide door system, fully compatible with MasterLine 8 profiles. Their combination makes it possible to create an aesthetically coherent single-story façade with different elements: sliding doors, opening windows and doors or ventilation windows. All profiles have the same visible width (87 mm), the frame can be completely or partially hidden in the wall. The visibility of gaskets and plastic components has also been minimized, and locks and catches are hidden or installed in the profiles. MasterPatio gives the option of a glass corner and a flat threshold. The system has very good parameters, including thermal insulation that meets the requirements of passive construction.

  • Hi-Finity - ultra-thin profiles that make it possible to achieve elegant structures with very large glazing. The frame is mounted in the wall, which means that the visibility of the profiles is reduced to a minimum. The system offers many configurations that open manually or automatically, and a solution with retractable sashes is also available. The maximum weight of a sliding sash that opens automatically is as much as 750 kg. Hi-Finity works very well in energy-efficient construction. Recently, additional solutions have been added to the system, including a threshold integrated with the floor and the possibility of constructing a glazed wall based on Hi-Finity profiles. The maximum height of the element is as much as 4 meters.

Hi-Finity © REYNAERS



  • CF 77 - a modern system of folding (accordion) doors, which allows you to fully connect the interior with the surroundings, and when opened takes up little space. Available in two design styles and multiple opening configurations (up to 8 wings).


Reynaers Aluminum offers support at every stage of the operation - from design through calculation and quotation to production and installation. The brand's experts are open to provide the necessary information and technical support. If necessary, they will create customized profile system solutions tailored to the most demanding projects. The company's partners can use the Avalon virtual reality room to create a 3D model of the building, which makes it easier to evaluate various aesthetic and engineering solutions.

For more information, visit the company's Reynaers Aluminium Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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