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Innovative solutions for bathroom equipment

01 of November '19

Viu washbasin on a rack from the Xviu series by sieger design. There are a few surprising details in the design: the white ceramic click plug in the open position is flush with the inside of the basin.

The distinctive contour of the dedicated metal console with a V-shaped profile in an elegant champagne matte or black matte color creates a dynamic juxtaposition. The glass shelf is available in four colors. The 851 x 800.5 mm washbasin is connected to the console with a special c-bonded technology, patented only by Duravit.

Happy D.2 Plus by sieger design is a proposal for a complete bathroom. It is a continuation of the well-known Happy D series, and Plus stands for an additional furniture surface, the Graphite Super Mat variant equipped with an anti-fingerprint coating. The individuality of the series, also includes new color options in anthracite matte or two-tone contrast, with glossy white inside and anthracite matte outside, used in sinks, toilets, bidets and bathtubs. The round mirrors are equipped with a sensor switch, dimmable lighting function and optional mirror heating. The variant with a control panel on the mirror surface is also equipped with mirror heating, an indirect light mode and the ability to adjust the light at a brightness of more than 300 lux the light color can be adjusted continuously from 2700 (warm light) to 6500 kelvin (cold light).

D1 faucet created in collaboration with Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez. With its clear contours and nicely galvanized surfaces in chrome or matte black, the D.1 is undoubtedly a unique element in the bathroom. The faucet's shape and color make it a perfect match for the designer bathrooms of Viu/XViu, DuraSquare/XSquare, ME by Starck and the new Starck T accessories. The proprietary siphon, angle valves and pressure hoses are also available in black matte. The handle on the right side of the D.1 two-hole faucet reflects the shape of the flat drain, creating a clear and harmonious layout. There is also a version of the D.1e electronic faucet with a number of presets that can be easily and individually configured, such as temperature limitation, maximum water flow time, interval between the next wash, thermal disinfection, color selection for ambient lighting on the illuminated LED ring. M and XL height D.1 series sink faucets.

SensoWash Starck F washboard designed by Philippe Starck. All the technology is housed in a ceramic housing, with a height of just 40 mm. A motion sensor allows the lid to be opened automatically by user ID, as well as a wide range of setting options for seat heating, wash water flow and drying temperature control. The corresponding SensoWash® app allows the toilet seat to be individually configured with a wash function, or it can be controlled in the standard way with a remote control. The flush function and odor removal system can also be controlled via remote control or the app. There is also a limescale removal option. The lid of the seat is made of durable scratch-resistant material.

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