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Bathroom by global designers

01 of January '20

For many years, the Laufen brand has been at the forefront of combining innovative technology with sophisticated, exclusive design. The outstanding design of Laufen products is the result of cooperation with internationally renowned designers, such as: Marcel Wanders, Patricia Urquiola, Peter Wirz, Robert and Ludovica Palomba, Konstancin Grcic or Toan Nguyen.

Classic elegance in a modern version

The New Classic Laufen collection designed by world-renowned designer Marcel Wanders is a new interpretation of the classic style using the modern ceramic material SaphirKeramik. Each detail is part of a perfect whole, with creative use of raw materials. This extraordinary collection includes basins, including countertop and small basins in several sizes, a toilet bowl, a toilet bidet and a poetic Sentec conglomerate bathtub.

kolekcja New Classic kolekcja New Classic

New Classic collection

© Laufen

Laufen partnered with Dutch designer Marcel Wanders hoping for the extravagance in style, innovative use of materials and technology that the designer is known for. For the Swiss company active in the bathroom furnishings market, it is a trustworthy designer who was able to transfer the language of contemporary design to the ceramic material Saphirkeramik. The result is surprising: subtle, delicate and feminine lines, like the cup of a flower, look great in contrast with strong masculine elements. That's why the distinguished series The New Classic is considered unprecedented and unique on the bathroom market.

Sonar collection - new interiors, different from all.

The Sonar collection by Laufen is the third installment of SaphirKeramik. Its author is the internationally acclaimed Patricia Urquiola. Thanks to her distinctive approach, a unique series was created, whose design of delicate streamlined shapes is inspired by water.

The name of the collection, which includes washbasins and a bathtub, is not coincidental - the designer was enthralled by the image of sound waves spreading under the surface of water. Patricia Urquiola was inspired by an echolocation instrument.

kolekcja Sonar

Sonar collection

© Laufen

The final result impresses with the lightness of subtle lines and the care of workmanship, which is due to the high plasticity of the material. The Sonar collection is not only about aesthetic execution. The series combines it with high functionality, enchanted in geometric shapes that allow optimal water flow.

SaphirKeramik is not the only innovative material used in the collection. Sentec, which is warm and pleasant to the touch, was also used. Thanks to the content of mineral particles, the surface of the bathtub made of it is smooth, and immersion in it gives the impression of a sea bath. The material also has antibacterial properties and a high degree of slip resistance.

Cleanet Riva smart toilet

Cleanet RIVA is a revolutionary proposal that is the perfect combination of ultimate luxury, minimalist design and perfect hygiene.

Easy to use, intuitive cleaning toilet, is the latest generation of high-tech solution to meet the most demanding needs. Ceramics with a minimalist form conceals the electronics, and the advanced functions of thermal cleaning of the toilet's internal installations and the integrated system of its non-removal are a guarantee of perfect and long-lasting hygiene of the internal components of the device.

kolekcja Cleanet Riva

Cleanet Riva collection

© Laufen

For maximum comfort of use, Cleanet Riva is also equipped with an automatic air purification function with a carbon filter. An additional advantage in the field of hygiene is the toilet bowl itself, made with Rimless technology (i.e. a rimless toilet bowl) and coated with Laufen Clean Coat, which prevents impurities from settling on the ceramics. The product also has the advantage of advanced functions of thermal cleaning of the toilet's internal installations (the only such solution on the Polish market) and its integrated descaling system. They are a guarantee of the reliability of the unit's internal water-carrying components. The following also help in keeping the toilet clean: an easily removable free-floating seat made of Duroplast, or a system for rinsing the nozzle before and after each use.

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