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Bathrooms and toilets for the public, semi-public and industrial sectors

23 of December '20

Franke Water Systems is one of the world's leading manufacturers with its innovative and intelligent solutions for bathrooms and toilets, as well as sanitary solutions for the public, semi-public and industrial sectors.

Touchless mixers and dispensers

The latest range includes dispensers designed to be wall-mounted or mounted on a free-standing stand giving you the option of locating it anywhere. It is a flexible, practical and hygienic solution, ideal for use in stores, reception areas, at entrances and exits in buildings, in catering and food service, healthcare and sports facilities, and in bathrooms and toilets in office buildings.

EXOS. Dozownik środka
dezynfekującego © FRANKE

EXOS. Disinfectant dispenser


The optimal sytation of complete touchless hand washing can be achieved by combining dispensers with Franke's optoelectronic sink fixtures. They contribute to the maintenance of hygienic cleanliness in public sanitary areas and offer the best possible comfort for their use. The F5, F3 and PROTRONIC-S product lines additionally include a large selection of functionality and control technologies.

New countertop washbasins

The new RONDAtop and QUADROtop countertop washbasins made of mineral composite give bathrooms an exclusive look. An integrated seal on the underside ensures fast and clean installation of the basin on the countertop. Additional sealing with silicone is therefore no longer necessary.

Characteristic of the QUADROtop washbasin in both overflow and non-overflow versions are simple lines combined with a flowing shape. Together with the elevated F5 faucets, a modern washstand is created.

Zintegrowana uszczelka

Integrated gasket


RONDAtop washbasins are available with or without a mixer shelf and combine perfectly with Franke mixers.

The RONDAtop washbasin was awarded the German Design Award 2020.

Mineral material with a shiny finish

The MIRANITmaterial from which Franke washbasins are made is a stable composite with about 80 percent natural minerals such as marble flour, sandstone and quartz sand, and about 20 percent high-quality unsaturated polyester resin. Despite the filigree thickness of the material and the elegantly contoured basins, mineral composite products are remarkably stable and resistant to cracking. The smooth, poreless gelcoat gives a glossy shine to the all-cast basin. This color-giving, easy-to-clean outer layer is distinguished by its exceptional resistance. Even water at temperatures of up to 80°C cannot harm the gelcoat surfacein the standard Alpine white color.

To maintain the optical consistency of the entire washbasin, the range also includes white drain valves with a cover.

For more information, visit the company's Franke Aquarotter GmbH page on the A&B portal.

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