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Modern and comfortable FRANKE kitchen

30 of November '22

Modern and comfortable kitchen FRANKE

In the kitchen, we appreciate technology, multifunctional appliances and their adaptation to modern lifestyles. They make cooking even more convenient and give us more time for ourselves. Let's learn about six modern and highly functional Franke solutions.

Bateria filtrująca Franke Vital

Franke Vital filter faucet

© Franke

Franke Vital filter faucet

Franke Vital is the only faucet on the market with a filter in the form of a replaceable capsule, located in an additional spout. This innovative solution saves space in the sink cabinet, where no additional appliances need to be installed. The patented Swiss capsule filter technology ensures constant access to excellent water quality. Vital also allows you to dispense with the purchase of bottled water, and thus reduce plastic waste. There are three versions of Vital to choose from - including the filter spout itself, which can be installed in the countertop next to the faucet. The two most popular finishes will allow you to match the model to any kitchen. Using Vital is intuitive, and the faucet itself takes up little space in the kitchen. This innovative Franke model won the Red Dot and IF Design Award 2019.

Baterie Active Twist

Active Twist faucets

© Franke

Active Twist faucets

The faucet and the sink are a kitchen duo. However, it is only Active Twist that makes them unite in terms of aesthetics and function. The innovative faucet has a knob for opening and closing the drain. So now you no longer have to put your hands in dirty or hot water to pull the plug. What's more, Active Twist is equipped with ECO technology. Thanks to it, we can reduce the amount of water by up to 50% and optimize its temperature, thus reducing the energy required to heat it. The model won "Best of the Best" in the Red Dot Awards 2022.

Zlewozmywaki z linii Maris

Sinks from the Maris line

© Franke

Sinks from Maris line

Sinks from the Maris line have a spectacularly large bowl that will accommodate even an oven tray laid flat, large pots or baking pans. You can conveniently wash everything in them that won't fit in the dishwasher. Thanks to Fragranit+ material and Sanitized® technology, they are durable and hygienic. In the Maris line you will find twelve models that differ in size and chamber configuration. They are also seven of the most popular colors and three ways of installation - built-in, flush with the countertop and built-in.

Okap wyspowy Smart

Smart island hood

© Franke

The minimalist Smart island hood

The streamlined form of the Smart island hood is reminiscent of a designer lamp. The novelty offers energy class A and an efficiency of 720 m3/h, as well as a low noise level (68 db). These features make the product a smart choice for any modern kitchen.

The hood is easy to clean from the outside, also replacing the carbon filter is simple. The model was awarded the Red Dot 2022 award, and is available in three elegant finishes: black matte, white matte and stainless steel.

Okap AQ Sense

AQ Sense hood

© Franke

AQ Sense hoods

AQ-Sense with a screen is more than a hood; it's an intelligent and multimedia appliance. The models in this line monitor the conditions in the kitchen and automatically adjust their operation when changes are detected. Through the Franke@Home app, the hood informs you about the condition of the air. It also allows you to control numerous functions of the appliance using your phone or tablet. And an internet connection gives you the ability to watch cooking videos on the touchscreen, search for recipes or listen to music. The new hoods are also equipped with Sound PRO technology. With it, the blower significantly reduces turbulence and vortex of the internal airflow. The result is a reduction in volume and suppression of high-frequency sound.

Mythos wine cooler

The newest addition to the Mythos line of built-in appliances is a wine cooler. The unit holds up to 24 bottles, providing liquor with ideal storage and serving temperatures and UV protection. Optimum display of bottles and convenient access to them is provided by three pull-out shelves made of oak wood. The temperature of the refrigerator can be adjusted as needed - from 4°C to 18°C. However, its interior maintains a constant temperature, which provides stable storage conditions for wine and helps preserve its properties for a long time. The temperature can be conveniently monitored at any time thanks to an internal electronic display. The Mythos line also includes built-in ovens and espresso machines, a warming drawer, as well as cooktops and hoods. This makes it possible to equip the kitchen in a functionally and aesthetically consistent manner.

For more information, visit the company's Franke Polska Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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