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Mextri - Acoustic decorative solutions for interiors of commercial and public buildings

09 of December '23

MEXTRI - together we will realize your ideas

Acoustic decorative solutions for the interiors of commercial and public buildings: suspended ceilings otherwise, wall cladding, prefabricated elements from plasterboard for installation on walls and ceilings.

MEXTRI solutions have acoustic properties confirmed by tests of the Institute of Building Technology (sound absorption to the level of the highest class A), and are non-flammable, non-flammable, non-drip and non-flammable materials, as confirmed by classifications B-s3,d0 to A2-s1,d0 determined in accordance with PN-EN 13501-1:2019. Materials dedicated to new and renovated buildings.

Kolorowe akustyczne wyspy Silencer H w przestrzeniach wspólnych Domu Seniora w Warszawie ożywiają przestrzeń i tworzą idealny duet z oświetleniem okalającym panele

Colorful acoustic Silencer H islands in the common spaces of the Senior Citizen's House in Warsaw enliven the space and form a perfect duo with the lighting surrounding the panels


Silencer H island ceilings

They allow shaping friendly interior acoustics, made of material with the highest sound absorption coefficient αw=1.00. Thanks to MEXTRI's manufacturing capabilities in Poland, the hanging elements can be of any size and shape, even in complex forms, such as an octopus.

Ekologiczne, dekoracyjne filce MEXTRI zainstalowane na suficie szarą kolorystyką nawiązują do aranżacji całego biura firmy Neo Energy w Warszawie

Ecological, decorative MEXTRI felts installed on the ceiling with a gray color scheme refers to the arrangement of the entire office of the Neo Energy company in Warsaw, Poland.


Silencer V vertical linear ceilings

An acoustic solution with an attractive linear design, Baffle. Installed as individual elements or in groups. They reduce noise in the room, and the creative use of the height of the panels allows for a very individual design.

Akustyczne baffle MEXTRI - indywidualny rozkrój w częściach wspólnych budynku A4 Business Park w Katowicach

MEXTRI acoustic baffles - individual cut in the common areas of the A4 Business Park building in Katowice, Poland.


Silencer GP perforated ceilings

Ceilings without visible modular divisions. Thanks to perforation and glued interlining, they improve acoustic absorption and reduce reverberation. Available in several types of perforations.

Wyspy MEXTRI - panele z linii SILENCER H - stanowią element designu i kształtują przyjazną akustykę w biurze firmy Selvita w Krakowie

MEXTRI islands - panels from the SILENCER H line - are part of the design and shape friendly acoustics in Selvita's office in Cracow, Poland.


Siliencer F acoustic felts

Fashionable and eco-friendly decorative elements made of felt. The products are made from a minimum of 90% recycled polyester. The polyester fibers are certified by OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100.Sound absorption for Silencer F Class B boards. Available in a wide range of colors. Designed for installation as free-hanging elements, spatial solids and flat shapes (ceiling or wall mounting).

Nacięcia w prefabrykowanych elementach HELPER MTP pozwalają aranżować dowolne kształty i linie zabudowy na suficie oraz ścianach

The notches in HELPER MTP prefabricated elements allow you to arrange any shape and line of development on the ceiling and walls


MTP - more than gypsum board

Prefabricated, milled gypsum boards that, thanks to special processing, make it possible to obtain almost any shape planned by the architect. Dense cuts in the elements allow to create planes of unusual geometry.

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