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Modern material for facades and more - perforated sheets and facade meshes

01 of November '20

Aesthetic and functional perforated sheets and facade nets.
From the series "Modern office buildings - trends 2021"

The company Perforacja - perfor ated sheets Sp. z o.o. is a leader in the industry of perforated sheets and meshes, ten times awarded the prestigious Business Gazelles award and twice awarded the Forbes Diamond.

New design - perforated sheets and facade meshes

Perforation - Perforated Sheets Ltd. offers a wide range of the following products:

  • perforated sheets
  • woven meshes
  • expanded metal - primarily facade meshes
  • welded meshes
  • platform meshes
  • metal fabrics
  • finishing strips

Photo: © Perforation - perforated metal sheets

The proposed materials are manufactured in accordance with the standards in force in the field, in plants with an implemented ISO 9002 quality management system. The company supplies perforated sheets, woven and expanded metal mesh:

  • steel
  • galvanized
  • stainless
  • heat-resistant
  • acid-resistant
  • aluminum
  • anodized
  • brass
  • copper
  • titanium


The offered products give architects, builders and investors new opportunities to create and modernize objects both small and large. They are used, among others, in many public facilities, such as:

  • office buildings
  • production halls
  • shopping centers
  • hospitals
  • clinics
  • schools
  • religious buildings
  • historic buildings
  • cinemas
  • theaters
  • museums et al.

Photo: © Perforation - perforated metal sheets

The variety of sheet and mesh patterns makes it possible to use the products as:

  • facades
  • facades
  • filling of balustrades
  • sun screens
  • acoustic screens
  • false ceilings
  • partitions
  • platform gratings

Aesthetics combined with functionality

The advantage of using perforated elements is:

  • ease of installation
  • resistance to weather conditions
  • durability
  • decorativeness
  • and, above all, the possibility of using individual

Photo: © Perforation - perforated metal sheets

Technical information

  • sheets are supplied in thicknesses of 0.5-20 mm
  • typical formats: 1000×2000 mm are available immediately from stock
  • any other format is made to order at short notice
  • additionally services of cutting and bending of metal sheets are available

Delivered products have material certificates.

The company invites architects, constructors, contracting companies and individual investors to cooperate with it. For more information on products, please contact the company's sales department.

For more information, visit the Perforation - perforated sheets page on the A&B portal.

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