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Office furniture - how to ensure the comfort of users?

16 of April '21

Much is already known about how sedentary work affects health. Unfortunately, the conclusions of research on the subject are not optimistic. When one spends several hours a day in front of a monitor screen and does not take care of an appropriate dose of exercise after work, the consequences for our well-being and condition can be lamentable. There's no denying it - such a work model is inevitable, but fortunately, more and more furniture manufacturers and suppliers recognize the pressing need to make their products more user-friendly.

Ergonomic office furniture

Ergonomics in the context of the work environment is being talked about more and more. This is a good thing. Every employee should be aware that it is not indifferent to his health what desk he works at and what chair he sits on. The onus is on the employer to provide his subordinates with a workplace that is safe for their health and comfortable.

So what should the ideal office workstation look like? First of all, it must be tailored to the needs and requirements of a particular person. Of course, it is difficult to expect an employer to commission custom-made furniture for each person he employs. A reasonable and advantageous solution is to choose such furniture that each user can customize.

VERSO corner sofa

© Contino

What kind of desks to choose?

Without a desk it is difficult to imagine working in an office. It is on it that the monitor or laptop stands, the documents needed for work, office supplies and stationery, and not infrequently the telephone and various other devices such as a printer or scanner are also connected there. The size of the tabletop should therefore be large enough so that, despite the presence of all these items, you can work comfortably at it and have freedom of movement. As for the models available on the market, the choice is really huge. A large assortment of such products is offered by Contino. You can find classic and very modern desks with a design that allows you to adjust the height of the top, or desks with a sliding top. The sliding top makes it easy to access the cable duct, so you can easily connect devices and run cabling.

Only a fledgling but already visible trend is to furnish offices with desks that can be used for standing work. It has been proven that such a position is much more beneficial to health, so an increasing number of employers are deciding to introduce such furniture into their workplaces, for the time being as a supplement to traditional workstations. There is still a long way to go to completely eliminate desks at which one sits, and there are unlikely to be any indications that this will happen in the near future.

Another trend evident in office interiors is the smuggling into it of furniture that previously belonged more to home spaces. The presence of Scandinavian-style wooden desks is becoming more and more common in office reality. Certainly, this has to do with the fact that many employees, who have recently pursued a mainly remote working model, have become accustomed to the comfortable and cozy conditions of the home and this safe space, which evokes positive associations, wanted to transfer to work. Such furniture also meets the requirements of ergonomics. They often have numerous functional amenities, such as under-desk drawers that provide additional storage space or mobile pedestals and desk cabinets.

What to follow when choosing chairs for the office?

A lot can and should be said about office chairs, as this is a piece of furniture on which we spend an enormous amount of time during the day, and not only at work, but also at home. It is not uncommon that some of the tasks that were not accomplished in the office, we try to "catch up" in our home. In both cases, it is important that we have a really comfortable seat that provides solid support for our spine. And here the choice is also huge, and the final choice of the best option depends on our individual needs and habits. Some like hard seats, without upholstery and soft sponge. Others can't imagine spending time at work other than in the company of a spread-out, soft armchair, on which they can indulge in a moment of relaxation and rest at any time.

OXCO armchairs

© Contino

No matter what model we decide on, it is important that the chair or office chair we choose is of good quality. By good quality, we mean the use of solid materials, durability and a well-thought-out design that allows you to adapt the furniture to your needs by adjusting the height of the seat, armrests, headrest and other components. This may seem excessive and unnecessary fuss, but it is enough to spend a day on an uncomfortable, outdated chair to see that it is, however, a really important and not inconsiderable issue.

LIFT chair

© Contino

Meeting places - necessary in an office space

An office is not only a place to work, but also a space suitable for holding various meetings, both professional and, in a way, social. There is probably no office today that doesn't have a separate room where employees can spend their coffee breaks or eating time. In such canteens or cafeterias, one can not only replenish energy reserves, but also simply socialize and integrate with their colleagues. It is important, therefore, that it be a friendly, cozy place where one spends time pleasantly and where one can take one's mind off one's duties. There are many ideas for arrangements, from those resembling traditional cafeterias, with a large table and rows of chairs on either side of it, to those that bring the employee cafeteria closer to the living room at home.


© Contino

Set up space for meetings with clients

Inviting clients to the company's headquarters for business discussions is a common practice. In order for such meetings to take place in a favorable environment, you need a properly arranged space for this. It is standard that a separate room is designated for such conferences, meetings or deliberations, but this is not always possible. If the amount of space in the office is limited, you can arrange a comfortable place for meetings with contractors using modern solutions such as walls and acoustic systems. They can take various forms, from modular cubicles with doors to seats with very high backs. The important thing is that they provide a sense of privacy, which is essential if you are having important, confidential conversations.

KUBO acoustic booths

© Contino

These few ideas for office arrangement and choice of furniture providing comfort to employees obviously do not exhaust the subject. There are more and more interesting solutions and it is worth keeping up to date with the offers of various manufacturers. It can also be advantageous to establish cooperation with companies such as Contino, which not only distributes office furniture from leading Polish manufacturers, but also provides consulting, design and office arrangement services.

For more information, visit Contino office furniture on the A&B portal.

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