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Training and conferences - how to arrange the space in the company?

18 of October '21

Organizing training courses and conferences is very important not only for improving the competence and skills of employees, but also for building the prestige of the company. Companies that arrange and prepare such meetings strengthen their position as trustworthy professionals.

Office training and conferences - is it worth using external locations?

Many hotels and purpose-built centers have specialized in organizing training and conferences. They have appropriately large rooms, equipment and all the infrastructure needed to accommodate all the gathered participants not only during the lectures themselves, but also - if necessary - provide accommodation, meals and additional services. For companies wishing to prepare such a meeting, this is a big convenience, because there is no need to bother with any logistical issues at all. Usually a conversation with hotel representatives is sufficient, during which basic information should be provided, such as the number of participants, how tables and chairs should be arranged, or preferred equipment. However, such convenience comes at a price. The cost of organizing a prestigious conference or training can be really considerable. Besides, as a result of the pandemic experience, preferences and habits regarding face-to-face meetings in large groups have changed somewhat. Many companies have abandoned such events in favor of training sessions held online.

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CLOVER conference tables

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Preparing a training room at the company's headquarters

If a company organizes a lot of training and conferences, or if the culture and working style require frequent meetings of the entire team, it is a good idea to set aside a room at the company's headquarters dedicated solely to such events. What should they look like? There is no definite answer to this. It all depends on how numerous these meetings are intended to be and what their nature is (more professional or focused on creative exchange of ideas), and whether they will require the involvement of additional equipment or furniture.

Large conference rooms - what should they contain?

In the case of large-scale training courses or conferences, it is necessary to provide comfortable space and comfortable furniture for all participants. It is good if the room intended for such events is equipped with large windows and if there is plenty of daylight. It is also important that each person attending the meeting, has enough space for himself. Crowding at tables that are too small, sitting on uncomfortable chairs or working on an unsuitable desk can drastically reduce the effectiveness of such training sessions and cause participants - instead of focusing on absorbing knowledge - to feel uncomfortable, discouraged and impatient.

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TORO conference tables

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When it comes to chair and table spacing, there are two basic arrangement modelsto choose from. One of them relies on a common large table, around which comfortable armchairs or chairs are arranged. It can be oval, round, rectangular or square in shape. Such an arrangement allows not only good interaction between the speaker and the participants, but also between the participants themselves. Many ready-made sets of conference tables and chairs are available on Contino's website. Attention there is drawn, among others, to modern and very comfortable furniture from the CLOVER, LINK or SOFT series. They present very different styles, because also preferences for the design and character of conference rooms can differ significantly. In some companies, the more modern ones, distinguished by their original form and distinctive colors, will do better. In others, on the other hand, more subdued furniture, made of a combination of metal and wood, will look more favorable.

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mobile folding tables

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Another school proposes to set up tables and chairs in the way we deal with in schools. Thus, each person has his or her own separate table and chair, and the person leading the meeting faces everyone and presents the materials he or she has prepared on a large whiteboard, monitor, display or other device that allows files to be displayed on a large screen. In such a case, it seems reasonable to use folding tables that can be folded and moved to storage after the conference is over. This solution is especially recommended in such companies where conferences or training sessions are held infrequently and where, at the same time, there is not enough space to permanently set aside one of the rooms exclusively for training purposes. From the offer of, for example, mobile folding tables and folding conference tables are suitable for such use.

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EVRO conference tables

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What facilities are important during training and conferences?

Gone are the days when training and conference participants put only a notepad and pen on the tables in front of them. Nowadays, most people attending such meetings bring their own computers, to which materials from the organizers are also sent in electronic form. Therefore, you need to think about ensuring that eachworkstation is equipped with a power source and a comfortable desk, where you can plug in your laptop and run a power cord to it in such a way that it does not "tangle" on the table. Modern desks and conference tables usually have either specially made cable grommets for this purpose, or discreetly mounted power strips.

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Hens chairs with desktop

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Another thing - comfortable conference chairs and armchairs. This is an absolute must so that the participants can follow the information provided during the training in focus and absorb the knowledge. The greatest comfort will be provided by armchairs with adjustable seats and armrests, in which you can also adjust the angle of the seat and headrest to your needs, but less advanced models will also work. It is important that they have soft upholstery and spacious enough seats. You should also read the article " What to consider when choosing conference chairs?".

Additional equipment for training and conference rooms in the office

Usually in a conference room there is no need to insert extensive bookcases or shelves for documents or books. It is good if it is an open space, because it is more efficient to work in such a space. You can concentrate better in a place where an excess of objects does not distract your attention. However, it is worth thinking about arranging a coffee corner. All you need is a small cabinet, a coffee maker, carafes with fresh water and juices, plates with small snacks, and dishes and necessary cutlery. Properly selected decorations won't hurt either. Green plants and interesting posters or graphics will always work.

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LINK conference tables

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In order to conduct training courses and conferences in a professional manner, you also can't do without the right audiovisual equipment, multimedia projectors and, in the case of conferences conducted remotely, appropriate video and teleconferencing sets.

If you want to arrange a training room in your premises, it is worth using the services of companies experienced in this aspect, such as Contino. They will advise on the selection of the best furniture, its setting and will take care of the preparation of the entire room, taking advantage of its natural qualities.

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