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Passive substructure systems

08 of January '20

BSP Bracket System Polska

BSP Bracket System Polska Sp. z o.o. is a leading manufacturer of substructures for ventilated facades on the Polish market. Our company offers a wide range of services related to this type of facades, but primarily specializes in their design and supply of complete aluminum substructure systems that meet all the technical requirements for the facade industry. We make every effort to ensure that our products are optimized in terms of price, while maintaining the appropriate technical parameters and are convenient to install. In recent years, when it comes to facade solutions, great attention is paid to thermal insulation issues. In view of the high expectations and constantly tightening regulations on thermal insulation, BSP System has developed several passive substructure systems, presented below. In addition, the company offers services related to the performance and verification of thermal calculations for ventilated facades.

BSP KW1 PAS system

Konsola BSP KW1 PAS

This is a passive substructure system already well known among Polish tradesmen, using consoles with plastic spacers. The system, consisting of passive consoles and vertical aluminum profiles, is a universal solution for fixing many different types of cladding on external facades in ventilated facade technology. This solution allows both adhesive fixing of the cladding and mechanical fixing - visible (riveted) and invisible (hooked). Specially designed shape of the consoles and appropriately selected materials from which they are manufactured allow to achieve a relatively high bearing capacity while maintaining very favorable insulation parameters. Thanks to the use of BSP passive consoles, the effect of "thermal bridges" on the external facade in the thermal insulation layer can be significantly eliminated. The BSP KW1 PAS system has all the necessary documents allowing the introduction of the product to the Polish market. It has also undergone a number of additional fire tests, concerning, among other things, the requirements of paragraph 225 of the WT about not falling off elements from the building structure during a fire. In addition, the product has been certified by the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt, which confirms that it is an excellent product for use in energy-efficient construction.

BSP KWE system

System prętowy BSP KWE

This is an innovative bar substructure system developed for the large-scale thermal upgrades of existing buildings currently underway. This system allows direct anchoring into the building structure without the need to remove and replenish parts of the existing thermal insulation. Installation of the new facade layer is thus much faster and easier. The BSP KWE system is also used for standard fastening of ventilated facades and suspended ceilings on new buildings. The solution is based on fixing the facade cladding with threaded rods anchored into the building structure. The BSP KWE rod system is a passive solution, and unlike standard substructures involving consoles, it is characterized by a very low point heat transfer coefficient, with the linear thermal bridge caused by the insertion of the profile into the thermal insulation layer not occurring at all, as the profile is fully extended in front of the insulation layer. A major advantage of this system is the use of the same elements regardless of the overhang, which largely solves the problems associated with above-normal irregularities in the plane of the building structure. This allows us to avoid the need for replacement elements with different overhangs. The overhang itself, on the other hand, is virtually unlimited. Another advantage of the system is the coaxial action of the wind pressure and suction force to the anchoring force, which has a beneficial effect on its strength. This solution has already been used on several major projects in Poland and is highly appreciated by installers.

BSP KW4 PAS system

Konsola BSP KW4 PAS

This is the latest passive substructure system introduced by BSP System. Its principle of operation is very similar to the BSP KW1 PAS system. It also uses consoles with a plastic spacer, but the construction of the console, the way of connecting its individual components and the materials used in its production have been improved and optimized. The main goal of developing this system was to obtain a cheaper product while maintaining not inferior performance. As a result, it was possible to create a cheaper product, equally durable and with even better thermal insulation parameters. BSP KW4 PAS consoles, like the previous passive consoles - KW1 PAS, have a positive opinion of the ITB regarding paragraph 225 of the WT and use above 25 m. and in fire separation lanes. The product has already passed a number of corrosion, strength and fire tests confirming its use on external facades.

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