Bathroom ecology - a trend or something more? Some surprising advice from the experts of Krakow's Armatura

Because appearance, while important, is not everything....

When designing a bathroom, we turn our attention to how it will look. We browse interior trends on the Internet, look for inspiration on social networks, look at catalogs of equipment manufacturers. And that's a good thing! Design is important, the interiors we stay in should be beautiful and please us every time we use them. It is worth following trends, but with reason. So what is the most important trend in bathroom design today? There can be only one answer: ecology.

Ecology in the bathroom - or what?

When we say "ecologicalbathroom", do we mean a bathtub made of wood? Certainly not, although there are beautiful models of washbasins made of this raw material available on the market. Ecology in the bathroom is, first of all, to design it in such a way that its use requires as little water as possible. This means choosing the right sink faucets, betting on rain showers instead of a classic shower and following a few tricks, which you will find at the end of the article.

oszczędnościowa bateria umywalkowa KFA Moza Black Bateria
umywalkowa nablatowa

Abasha, an economical washbasin faucet, and KFA Moza Black countertop washbasin faucet.


So how to save water in the bathroom?

First - plan the interior in such a way that it allows the use of a shower, not just a bathtub. This does not mean, however, that we have to completely abandon it - it is enough to use clever solutions, such as a bathtub screen plus a rain shower with a bathtub spout and, necessarily, a thermostatic faucet. After all, such a faucet allows you to reduce the amount of water by up to a dozen percent, thanks to serving it at the right temperature.

Moza Black deszczownia
ze składaną wylewką wannową

Moza Black rain shower with folding bath spout


MOZA rainshower

A cool example of such a solution is the super designer collection of MOZA rain showers with a folding small spout. Brand Armatura Kraków SA products in this series are available in matte black finish, which is a hit of recent seasons when it comes to bathroom design trends, and by the way will help us take care of less water consumption if we choose to take a bath only on holidays. The comfort of taking a bath under a rain shower is really great, and saving water if we give up filling the bathtub once is even tens (!) of liters.

Moza Black,
oszczędnościowa bateria umywalkowa

Moza Black, a water-saving washbasin faucet


MOKAIT and ABASHA series basin mixers

The second, equally important issue is the washbasin area. Here every drop of water counts. There are quite a few beautiful faucets with limited flow available on the market. One worth noting is the MOKAIT series by KFA Armatura. It is available in two finishes: chrome and matte black, and the aerators installed in them reduce consumption to a level of 6 liters per minute. Analogously low consumption also has the ABASHA collection with a more classic design - suitable for simple, modern interiors. Importantly, it is available in both low and high versions for countertop sinks.

KRAKÓW – łazienkowa ekologia – trend czy coś więcej?

ARMATURA KRAKÓW faucet - bathroom ecology - trend or something more?


"Eco-tricky" in the bathroom

It is also worth learning a few tricks that will make it easier to take care of our planet. These are simple ways to realistically reduce water consumption, and none of them require a huge investment. One of them is to buy a special shower stopper (the cheapest one with a suction cup is the expense of literally a few zlotys). One minute of pouring water equals 8-12 liters of water, so reducing the time of using the shower from 10 minutes to 5 minutes saves up to 60 liters (!) of water.

The second is to take care of your faucets - if something leaks, drips replace the gasket or switch. Manufacturers such as KFA Armatura take care of the availability of replacement parts. And if your faucet is dripping, you can waste up to several thousand liters of water a year.

And finally, remember to always turn on the washing machine only when it is full
and always turn off the water when brushing your teeth.

Simple? Simple!

For more information, visit the company's Armatura Kraków SA page on the PdD portal.