Furniture for the home in any style. We suggest how to choose

It is the style of furniture you choose for your interiors that will be crucial to the visual effect you ultimately achieve in your home or apartment. What styles are worth paying attention to and what furniture to buy to make the arrangement look stylish, timeless and elegant? Check out our 6 suggestions!

1. Scandinavian or scandi boho style home furniture

Scandinavian style has been in our homes for many years, and there is no indication that its popularity is about to pass. There is nothing surprising about it. The simplicity and unpretentiousness of Scandinavian style wins many hearts and fills a lot of apartments around the world. If you want to buy Scandinavian-style furniture, choose those made of natural, light wood. Bet on simple functional models that will not only be beautiful and stylish, but also practical and very durable.

In recent years, the scandi boho style has also gained popularity. As the name suggests, it is an interesting combination of subdued Scandinavian style and ethnic boho style. Apartments in such a climate are dominated by furniture and accessories made of plaid, such as rattan or wicker, and string decorations, such as knotted carpets or decorative macramé on the walls.

Meble w stylu skandynawskim mają łagodne kształty, neutralne kolory i często wykonane są z naturalnych materiałów

Scandinavian-style furniture has soft shapes, neutral colors and is often made of natural materials.

Photo Spacejoy © UNSPLASH

2. Industrial home furniture

Another style worth introducing into your home is industrial style, also known as loft style. Industrial arrangements will appeal to those who like raw interiors kept in cool colors. Industrial style has its origins in the 1950s in the US. Initially it was just a way to use and develop abandoned factories. Today loft interiors are among some of the most fashionable and appreciated. Industrial furniture is often made of steel or other metals. There is also a lot of glass and raw concrete. Industrial style also likes unusual combinations, such as completely different chairs arranged around the dining room table or original DIY furniture.

3. Rustic style furniture for lovers of idyllic climates

Peaceful countryside, cheerful countryside... well, rustic-style interiors are those associated with carefree vacations in the countryside. These are arrangements decorated in harmony with nature, in which not everything is arranged as if from a ruler, but they are warm, cozy and homely. Furniture in rustic homes is often models made of natural wood - new or those that someone gave new life to by renovating them. If you want to decorate your home in a rustic style, you can start your search for furniture from an antique market, an auction portal or... the attic at grandma's or a family member's house. You may find there furniture with a soul, which the old owners are willing to get rid of. Often all it takes is a little work, time, strength and an idea to create a real interior gem, worth much more than another mass-produced piece of furniture from a chain store.

Aranżacje w stylu rustykalnym to wnętrza, w których króluje drewno.

Rustic style arrangements are interiors where wood is q king.

Photo by Alisha Hieb © UNSPLASH

4. Classic style furniture - something for traditionalists.

Do you like classics? Traditional interiors will be perfect for you. The classic style is a timeless way of interior design that will never go out of fashion. In interiors in this style, it is worth paying attention to choose furnishings made of great quality materials. If you want to decorate an interior in a classic style, choose neutral colors, such as grays, whites, muted beiges or browns. A well-composed traditional arrangement can stay with you for many years. After all, it's a universal style that never goes out of style. So it will be a great choice for those who are not fond of rearranging and want to create their space once and enjoy it for as long as possible.

5. Modern furniture for a minimalist home

Modern style has more than one name. Modern can mean monochromatic interiors that resemble somewhat cool laboratories. However, it is also increasingly said that modern interiors are also those thoroughly functional spaces that are minimalist, but not in that futuristic, cool way. Minimalism here is associated more with simplicity and a practical approach to interior design. No unnecessary embellishments and decorations or fancy shapes. What matters most is comfort, functionality and living in harmony with nature. So a modern piece of furniture can be a dining chair made of transparent plastic with a fancy, unusual shape. But it can also be a simple, solid wood dresser with smooth fronts and deep drawers on durable runners. Everything is a matter of interpretation.

Nowoczesne wnętrza są praktyczne, funkcjonalne i jednocześnie bardzo stylowe.

Modern interiors are practical, functional and very stylish at the same time.

Photo R Architecture © UNSPLASH

6. Eclectic style furniture

Finally, we are left with the style that is the craziest and most unobvious. We are talking about the eclectic style. What should distinguish furniture for such interiors? Well... it's hard to say, because eclectic style is such a mix and mingle of different styles. It's a mix of textures, colors and patterns. Then in such an arrangement, can you use any piece of furniture that falls into your hands? No. Contrary to appearances, it is the eclectic style that makes the loosest demands the greatest interior sense. Some mixed up pieces will look stylish and designer. Others, juxtaposed together will create an interior that is overdone, cluttered and unsightly.

And how? Which style do you like best? It's a good idea to choose it even before buying home furnishings. The style you bet on will be a kind of signpost making interior choices, of which there are so many, a little easier.

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Compiled by:OLGA TRĘDOTA