5 ways to organize an industrial style interior

11 of July '23

How to arrange an interior in the industrial style? What exactly is this style? We present 5 things that are necessary when creating such an interior.

Industrial style - also known as loft style, is a popular choice for those looking for a modern and raw interior design.This trend is characterized by a raw and unprocessed look, which draws inspiration from industrial and factory spaces. Industrial style has its roots in the adaptation of old factories, warehouses and other industrial buildings for residential purposes.

Styl industrialny jest surowy i nowoczesny

Industrial style is raw and modern

Photo credit: Pion Studio © Black Deer Workshop

Exposed walls and raw materials

A characteristic feature of the loft style is exposed bricks, concrete walls or raw plaster. If you have the opportunity, uncover or expose some of the wall structure. If that's not possible, choose wallpaper that imitates the raw look of bricks or concrete. Raw wood, steel and glass will also work well as finishing materials.

Wybierz surowe materiały

Choose raw materials


Distinctive flooring

Loft style often combines raw and natural materials. Wooden floors, especially in the form of planks or parquet with a distinctive texture, will be ideal. You can also use concrete or ceramic tiles on the floors to give the interior a more industrial look.

Betonowa podłoga nada wnętrzu surowego charakteru

Concrete flooring will give the interior a raw feel

Photo: Maciej Kulig

Simple forms

The loft style uses simple, minimalist furniture. Choose models with simple lines and raw finishes, such as steel, wood and leather. Industrial elements, such as bookcases on wheels or metal frames, will perfectly complement the arrangement.

Meble w stylu industrialnym mają proste formy

Industrial style furniture has simple forms

© Architaste

Exposed installations

In loft style, installations such as pipes and wires are left on top. Use them as a decorative element, emphasizing the rawness of the interior. You can also use industrial lighting, such as Edison bulbs or industrial lamps, to add an industrial feel to a room.

Żarówka na długim kablu to oświetlenie charakterystyczne dla stylu industrialnego

An incandescent bulb on a long cable is lighting characteristic of the industrial style

Photo credit: Ayuko Studio © The Line Studio

Factory style accessories

Complete the arrangement by using industrial-style accessories. You can add factory accents such as metal plaques, large clocks, maps, posters or industrial-inspired paintings. However, remember not to overdo the amount of decorations and apply the "less is more" rule.

Mapa na ścianie będzie idealnym dodatkiem do wnętrza loftowego

A map on the wall will be a perfect addition to a loft interior


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