Animals in the house. What finishing materials should you choose??

Pets bring a lot of joy. However, we all know that living with a dog or cat is also associated with certain limitations and difficulties in everyday life. One of them is... more mess and risk of damage to the house. Animals often leave their hair and bring sand as well as other dirt from outside on their paws. What can you do about it? Clean up, of course! However, that's not all. When renovating your house or apartment, you can choose materials that work well in interiors where animals live. What kind of materials are these? Read on to find out!

What flooring to choose for a house with animals?

The tapping of little claws is adorable, but it can also do damage and spoil the look of a house floor. Pets not only walk, but also play and run around. That's why, in order to avoid unnecessary nerves, you should choose a material that is resistant to damage and easy to keep clean. What finishing materials are worth considering?

  • Laminate panels — classic panels are one of the most commonly chosen materials for flooring. Laminate panels have many advantages. They are available in a large number of designs and colors. They are also affordable. However, if you have pets, don't choose the cheapest panels. Pick the ones that have a high abrasion rating.

  • Vinyl panels — they are a great alternative to classic laminated models. They are durable are pleasant to touch. Another advantage is that walking animals will make less noise on laminated panels. Vinyl panels are also resistant to water and moisture.

  • Ceramic tiles — good quality ceramic tiles will always be a great choice. To warm up the interior, you can choose tiles that imitate wood.

  • Natural wood — if you are a lover of natural materials, wood can also be a good option for a home with pets. However, be sure to choose hardwood — exotic species such as teak can work well.

Koty i psy uwielbiają wylegiwać się na tapicerowanych meblach

Cats and dogs love lounging on upholstered furniture

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What type of upholstery fabric to choose if there are animals in the house?

Although many people try to teach pets that a sofa or armchair is a place for humans only, in reality, very often cats or dogs are full-fledged users of upholstered furniture. That's why it's worth thinking about it in advance and choosing furniture upholstered with a fabric that pets won't damage so easily. What should be the fabric with which your sofa or armchair will be upholstered?

  • Thick and resistant to damage - choose fabrics with a compact, strong structure, which will not be damaged by small claws. Such fabric will not develop scratches and pulls, and its structure will resist tearing.

  • Waterproof and easy to clean - with pets it is not difficult to get dirt on the furniture. That's why it's worth ensuring that the fabric is resistant to moisture, water and stains. This type of upholstery is also easy to keep clean.

  • In a neutral color - if you want to minimize the visibility of fur on upholstered furniture, choose a model in a color similar to your pet's fur. Of course, cleaning and removal of hair will still be necessary, but you will avoid a situation where every little fluff is visible on the couch.

Upholstered furniture care

Well, you already know what materials to choose to make living with pets a pure pleasure. However, let's not kid ourselves - hair will still remain on the sofa or armchair. Do you know a quick and very effective home remedy to get rid of them?

All you need is an ordinary rubber glove, the one you use for cleaning, and a little water. Put on the glove, wet it and run it over the surface of the upholstery. The fur will stay on the glove, and the couch or armchair will remain perfectly clean! An ordinary clothes cleaning roller also works well.

Pets at home — what else is worth remembering?

What else can you do to create a pet-friendly space? Be careful with plants. Before placing a new potted plant within reach of your pet, be sure to check that it is not poisonous to dogs and cats. Also plan your wall arrangements well — choose paint, wallpaper or other surfaces that are easy to wash. Moreover remember to arrange a special place for your pet that is just for him. This can be a bed or a tall scratching post for the cat. Contrary to popular opinion, such arrangement elements can also be decorative and very designer! All you need is a good search.

Warto zorganizować specjalne miejsce dla psa czy kota, w którym zwierzak będzie zawsze czuł się jak u siebie

It is worth arranging a special place for your dog or cat, where the pet will always feel at home

Photo Rhamely © Unsplash

Pets bring a lot of smiles into the house! Sometimes you only need to take care of a few details and choose the right materials to stop worrying about damage and start enjoying your pet's presence 100%.

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Compiled by:OLGA TRĘDOTA