Smart security for your doors from Salto Systems

Smart security for your doors from Salto Systems

A smart home starts with smart security. SALTO Systems offers some of the most important - security for your doors.

Danapad – otwieranie
drzwi przy pomocy czasowych kodów dostępu

Danapad - opening doors with timed access codes

© Salto systems

Universal door lock system

The market for smart locks for apartments and homes is growing with the demand for simple and comprehensive solutions in this area. SALTO has developed a universal smart door lock that effectively replaces the traditional key with an electronic system that allows you to use your smartphone to manage the door, the entire house and grant access to users. Garages, gates, technical room doors and lobbies can also be covered by this system.

SALTO offers flexible solutions that are easy to install and upgrade, keyless and operated with a mobile key, connect to smart home system hubs and devices such as thermostats and control panels (via BLE, Z-Wave/ZigBee/HomeKit), and support integrations via a long list of technology partners.

Danalock –
otwieranie drzwi za pomocą aplikacji mobilnej

Danalock - opening doors via mobile app

© Salto systems

Functionality and modern design

The Danalock V3 smart lock with battery-powered drive is mounted on the inside of the door and is managed by a smartphone using Bluetooth Low Energy technology; it is compatible with almost all standard types of locks and there is no need to replace them or to open the door additionally during installation. The innovative technology makes it possible to view a list of door openings from the phone, along with information on who the door was opened by.

Danabridge – zdalne
otwieranie, zamykanie i monitorowanie drzwi z każdego miejsca na świecie

Danabridge - remotely open, close and monitor doors from anywhere in the world

© Salto systems

From the outside, you can't see that the door is equipped with an electronic lock, and security is ensured by 256-bit AES encryption used for Danalock V3's communication with the phone. The ability to fully integrate with third-party platforms, such as Airbnb or Harmonia, is provided by SDKs and APIs. In addition to the obvious advantages of a smart lock, Danalock also has features that dramatically improve the user experience. These include TwistAssist, which makes it easy to lock and unlock the door with a slight movement of the handle, and automatic door unlocking and locking that works on the basis of the user's location information.

Danalock –
dopasowanie do wszystkich drzwi

Danalock - fit for all doors

© Salto systems

The evolution of the Danalock V3 lock is based on feedback from loyal customers and the latest developments in data security and smart home technology, so it's the perfect solution for the residential and rental sector and your home, so that you always feel safe and comfortable.

For more information, visit the company's SALTO Systems Sp. z o.o. page on thePdD portal.

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