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Sunżal terrace pergola - a great way to protect your place of rest from excessive sunlight

05 of December '21


A terrace per gola is a great way to protect your relaxation area from excessive sunlight. In summer, when the sun is at its zenith, the pergola provides pleasant shade, and - thanks to the use of special fabrics - protection from harmful UV radiation.

The fabrics used in pergolas are not only equipped with a UV filter, but also completely waterproof. As a result, you can use the terrace at the facade of the building also during rainfall. In the evening, on the other hand, you can roll out a side roller blind integrated into the pergola - which will shield you from the blinding glare of the low-lying setting sun.

Dach szklany VIDRO +
zabudowa przesuwna TOMEI

VIDRO glass roof + TOMEI sliding building development


- WERANDA HERA is a pergola with a cover that rolls up into a protective cassette, with side guides and a zippered fabric guide - the ZIP system. Thanks to this, the sheathing of the unrolled pergola remains taut all the time and is characterized by high resistance to wind and rainfall. Structural profiles with a section of 80x80 mm have an integrated channel for the installation of LED lighting - both in the posts and cross beams. Electric drive. Maximum dimensions - 600x400 or 400x600 cm.

Pergola tarasowa PATIO

Terrace pergola PATIO KWADRAT


- PATIO is a universal system, allowing to shade both private space on a backyard terrace and public places such as playgrounds in kindergartens or rest areas for employees. The shade can also be mounted under an existing structure such as a wooden pergola. Convenient manual drive with a loop cord or optional electric drive. Maximum dimensions - 700x600 or 600x700 cm.

In both solutions, modules can be combined with each other, for multiplication of the shaded area.

Markiza tarasowa

Terrace awning ALAND



Classic models with articulated arms and rounded cassette(PONY) and brand new designs, with rectangular sections adapted to modern construction(ALAND). The best solution for shading a terrace in a situation where we decide not to install a permanent pergola structure - beams and poles. As in pergolas, the fabrics used are waterproof and equipped with a UV filter. It is possible to integrate LED lighting in the arms and cassette of the device. Maximum dimensions up to 2100x400 cm - with one cover.

Markiza tarasowa PONY

PONY terrace awning



Mounted outdoors, they guarantee the best thermal protection against overheating, while providing even light distribution indoors. Individual collections of fabrics are characterized by different degrees of openness(OF) - from 0% (blackout fabrics) to 14% - making it possible to vary the degree of shading depending on the orientation of the glazing and the required performance. Thanks to the guiding of the fabric on the zipper(ZIP), the blinds can be characterized by wind resistance previously reserved for facade blinds. Maximum dimensions - 400x500 or 600x325 cm.

Rolety fasadowe

SUNSCREEN facade roller blinds




For more information, visit the company's SUNŻAL Sp.J. page on the PDA portal.

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