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Plywood - a plane of cooperation

12 of August '20

Plywood is experiencing a renaissance. The fashion for simple forms and natural materials promotes its increasing presence not only in our homes, but also in public spaces. Architects appreciate plywood for its technical properties and decorative character, which is particularly evident in its modern linear cross-section. It is also noteworthy that plywood, although ascetic, is a raw material that enforces the highest technological standards in the production process.

Plywood is a material that has brought together two companies: ArserWood and Drewtur. The complementary competencies of the two plants allow the joint realization of large and at the same time very demanding projects. Industrial orientation and the necessary production capacity are the domain of Drewtur, while ArserWood, in a carpentry workshop specializing in plywood, focuses on the detail while having extensive experience in construction assembly.

The latest joint work, which will open its doors any day now, is the interiors of the new headquarters of the State Music School Complex in Warsaw, located at 21 Rakowiecka St. ArserWood and Drewtur carried out the contract for the acoustic systems of the entire complex, including the main concert hall. The acoustic parameters were developed by NAGATA Acoustics. Subjected to a number of technological processes, ash wood is the main building block of the side screens called "sails," due to their shape resembling a wind-filled spinnaker, and the acoustic ceiling above the orchestra in the form of a plafond.

Plywood has unleashed its possibilities in the chamber halls. Five rooms are finished entirely in hardwood plywood. In each room, adjustable ceiling coffers allow the room to be tuned, while function-matched (i.e., the musical instrument in question) differentiated wall baffles provide highly precise acoustics for each room.

mała sala organowa

small organ hall

Photo: © Arser Wood

The author of the architectural design is the Silesian KONIOR STUDIO studio. This is not the first joint "plywood" realization with this studio. Both ArserWood and Drewtur participated in the realization of the acoustics of the concert hall of the NOSPR headquarters in Katowice, where the acoustic plafond and balconies are just made of plywood. This interior and especially its acoustic conditions have gained worldwide recognition and reputation.

The love of plywood as a material is realized by both companies in their own way. Drewtur produces personalized furniture, using innovative technology that allows for large-scale production, while individualizing the product so that the end result is a different plywood piece of furniture each time.

ArserWood, in addition to its current furniture production and interior design projects, is deepening international cooperation. This year, ArserWood has signed agreements with two Finnish companies. is a company that offers naturally stained veneers imitating the linear edge of plywood, where the color of the staining and its arrangement can be unique and agreed upon with the customer. The second company is the legendary, which produces veneers (birch and Nordic pine) and specialized ultra-thin plywood (from 0.4 mm), yet flexible, durable and translucent to light. The range of their use is very wide, from aviation, model making, lamp making through furniture, luxury toys and even riding saddles. This type of plywood is ideal for laser machining and numerical milling.

Architects working with this plywood duo can count on special support in their work. The offered commitment and expertise possible in every phase of design from concept, detailed design, prototyping of developed solutions and investor valuation are highly appreciated in the industry.

For more information, visit Arser Wood on the A&B website.

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