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Berndorf stainless steel pools stand for durability, hygiene and timeless design

01 of December '23

The Austrian company Berndorf Bäderbau has been successfully building and modernizing stainless steel pools for more than 60 years, whether for sports, recreational, hotel, therapeutic, private pools, or large multi-purpose facilities or aquaparks. Berndorf 's stainless steel pools were the first in Europe to receive the ISO 9001 quality symbol.

Kwadratowa wanna z hydromasażem

Square whirlpool tub


Berndorf stainless steel pools stand for durability, hygiene and timeless design

Stainless steel basins stand for: perfect hygiene, watertightness, smooth and closed surfaces, no joints, and a patented closed-circuit pool water circulation system. These features minimize the possibility of harboring bacteria and other microorganisms.

Stainless steel is resistant to harsh ground conditions, so pool basins in the Berndorf system are ideal for mining areas and areas with elevated groundwater levels. Any kind of subsidence does not cause damage to the construction of the basin.

To the above arguments should be added: experienced staff of designers and constructors, short assembly time - prefabrication in the company's workshops, highest resistance to weather conditions and modern appearance.

Rynna przelewowa przykryta kamieniem

Overflow gutter covered with stone



We provide a comprehensive service: from vision to design to construction, including warranty and post-warranty service. We are at every stage of pool construction. We realize "tailor-made" pools. This is how we cooperate:


At this stage we analyze all investor requirements, prepare concepts, estimate costs. We propose specific solutions to make your vision a reality.

Wanna z hydromasażem RONDO

RONDO whirlpool bathtub



We work together on a project, combining your vision with our knowledge and experience. Well-planned, patented technical solutions, state-of-the-art manufacturing methods, and the experience of years of experience are the strengths of our company. Thanks to them, we create pools that become an ideal place for rest and recreation for many years.


We take an active part in the entire process of creating a swimming pool starting from the concept and design, through production in the workshops of our company with the highest quality materials, our own transport, ending with the installation and commissioning of the pool in your home, garden or other agreed place.

Szczelinowa rynna przelewowa

Slotted overflow gutter



For us, nothing is impossible. Our designers work on new solutions every day. We realize the most sophisticated architectural ideas for the shape and equipment of swimming pool basins. Always in accordance with current pool standards.

Let's talk, it costs nothing!

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