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RUUKKI® HYYGGE flat modular roofing sheet

01 of March '21

RUUKKI HYYGGE flat roofing sheet
From the series "Roofing - Trends 2021"

Ruukki® Hyygge is an innovative roofing product that, with its simple and elegant form, fits perfectly into modern architectural trends. The product comes in two variants: with and without embossing, which makes it possible to obtain three different roofing patterns.

photo: © Ruukki Polska

The innovative "Click" and "Slide" locking system, as well as the solution of the mounting strip, allow to achieve a perfectly smooth roof surface without visible screws, which, with such an ascetic form characteristic of flat roofing, is not without significance. These solutions reduce to a minimum the risk of installation errors related to the correct alignment and connection of individual panels. In an intuitive way, they make the contractor's path to achieving the highest quality end result simple.

© Ruukki Polska

With both the quality and appearance of the finished roof in mind, as well as the ease of roofing work, Ruukki® Hyygge is designed so that the installation of the covering runs from ridge to eaves, thus avoiding the need to move around the finished sections of the slope, eliminating the risk of possible damage to them.

photo: © Ruukki Polska

The complete Ruukki® Hyygge roofing is complemented by a range of accessories. In addition, a specially designed system of original flashings ensures the aesthetic appearance of the roof and guarantees its proper functioning. Roof safety products and ventilation products complete the range, and the whole forms one complete Ruukki® Hyygge roof system.

For more information, visit RUUKKI POLAND' s A&B website.

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