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Durability and ecology - modern CEMEX pavements

09 of July '21

CEMEX Offer.
From the series "Outdoor spaces - solutions, trends, arrangements 2021"

Leading trends in the design of common spaces are concern for ecology, but also the durability of the materials and technologies used. CEMEX offers pavements that respond to these challenges.

PERVIA path are modern water-permeable pavements. Created as cement and aggregate mixtures, they have high mechanical strength, as well as excellent frost resistance. They can be used on paths designed for pedestrians and bicycle traffic. Their remarkable key feature is their porosity, allowing rainwater to soak in at a rate far better than any native soil.

It is worth thinking about the use of PERVIA paving wherever we care about increasing rainwater retention, limiting its runoff into stormwater drains and protecting tree stands. Park paths or sidewalks made with PERVIA path technology protect the root ball of mature trees both from drying out and from overloading.



The high content of air voids, combined with a smooth, even pavement, allows for an extremely interesting aesthetic effect. PERVIA path pavements are designed in a natural gray color, but can also be colored in the mass. The palette of available shades is extremely wide.

DECO STONE, on the other hand, are extremely durable concrete pavements with exposed aggregate. Their monolithic nature ensures no overgrowth of greenery, no rutting and no keying. DECO STONE solutions are individually designed, and among the many available designs are bright shades that better reflect sunlight, helping to minimize urban heat island phenomenon.

DECO STONE pavements can carry both pedestrian and bicycle traffic, as well as car or truck traffic. The technology of exposed aggregate provides excellent parameters of surface durability and anti-slip, so they can be successfully used both in park alleys, various types of boulevards or in squares and parking lots.



The texture of the exposed aggregate evokes the aesthetics of gravel alleys, while at the same time brings resistance to frost, peeling and cracking, and allows to significantly reduce maintenance costs.

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Marek Dmochowski, Product Manager decorative concretes, tel: 691 393 125
Michal Kaluzynski, Product Manager water-permeable pavements, tel: 605 744 260

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