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News from the cobblestones taken

09 of July '21

A few words about Pozbruk paving blocks.

From the series "Outdoor spaces - solutions, design trends 2021".

Paving in dialect language and colloquial speech, information about the record, what are the color trends in paving, what is the Hell of the North. Instead of pusillanimously praising their products to the skies and encouraging purchases for millions (although we will not refuse to accept such transfers), we invite you to news from cobblestones taken.

cube in the language of dialect

Hey wiaruchna. Pozbruk has roots in Greater Poland, so we've taken to blubbering. We have a bit of a fefry whether you'll understand us, so hatch at the end of the text - a glossary will help translate from local to Polish.

Stop brawling. The bejmy has to be spent somewhere anyway, the concept has to be developed, and the paving stones are nice momy. First it is worth to cool all the wants to make room. Remove all unnecessary clutter, why should they be in the way. Be careful with the stones, so you don't hurt your gira. You will get wasted, so no one should mind that after the work you will give up all the gems.

Sit down the next day on the roar and spy on our website - the goods are endless. Come by automobile to the depot. To Saturday, if only not on Saturday, Janikowo near Swarzyndz, Teolin near Lodz, Kalisz, even Szczecin. Here is a map of the fyrtli. You don't have to tune in like an elegant man from Mosina. Acuratly we will arrange everything. Rug zug we'll prepare the fleps, check that the goods are not munched, and then we'll bring it to the place. Then let se leser if you pay a company that will take care of everything. Ino, so that it is not any tule, nygus or phlegm.

Rug zug we will prepare the flepsRug zug we will prepare the flepsRug zug we will prepare the fleps

Rug zug we will prepare the fleps, check that the goods are not munched, and then lug them to the site

© Pozbruk

And after everything labija, ino let you amba not bounce too much. Let the gnats in, as long as they do not gilejzy, which trample the flowers in the garden, which the gardener cares so much. Watch out for kejtras and catbirds, as they can speckle the new cube. Whatever you upbraid, invite the Pozbruk team.

colloquial speech

Colloquial speech is readily used when shopping. When buying shoes for sports activities, we purchase "sneakers," even if the final pair of sneakers lands on our feet. When listing something for sale on an online portal, we often use the word Allegro or OLX. When changing a baby, we use pampers (even if the diapers are from another manufacturer), a jeep is an off-roader, not just a Jeep brand.

There is also Pozbruk. Particularly in Wielkopolska, but not only, end customers, contractors, architects and people not directly related to the construction industry, use the word pozbruk in conversations, thinking of paving stones. We encourage you to use this kind of colloquial speech as often as possible. If, in addition, you make use of Pozbruk's pozbruk, we will be especially pleased.

{Many people use the word pozbruk in conversations, thinking of paving stones,title=many people use the word pozbruk in conversations, thinking of paving stones}

many people use the word pozbruk in conversations, thinking of paving stones

© Pozbruk

Poland's record

A few words about a certain facade. The largest ventilated facade in Poland, with an area of 20,000 m², is located in Poznan. It uses a material called Scalamid - large-format panels on which any graphics can be applied. The Wielkopolska Children's Health Center, one of the most important hospital investments in our country, is expected to be operational by the end of 2021, but you can see the effect now.

The fasada has an area of 20fasada has an area of 20fasada has an area of 20

Wielkopolska Children's Health Center

© Pozbruk

color trends

Zuzanna Nowicka, Pozbruk's exterior design expert:

Choosing the color of paving blocks and other elements of outdoor architecture can be a complicated issue, especially when it is broad. Customers often want to use products in a uniform color, here I particularly recommend gray and graphite or white - but with this color it is necessary to take care of systematic maintenance. Aesthetically, a single color is a great idea, because with a properly selected pattern it makes an excellent visual effect and fits in with contemporary architectural guidelines. It is also not uncommon to choose two colors, such as contrasting colors, used to separate zones or highlight different elements. However, when it comes to durability, I would recommend melange. It's a more practical solution than solid colors, because it masks dirt well without losing appearance-related qualities and doesn't require as much maintenance.

Zuzanna NowickaZuzanna NowickaZuzanna Nowicka

Zuzanna Nowicka

© Pozbruk

Hell of the North

The route of one of the most famous cycling races leads from the French capital to Roubaix, Belgium. Typically, 55 km of the approximately 260 km route (depending on the edition) are sections on 19th century cobblestones, ridden on thin road tires, often in the rain. It's more or less as if we were told to skate on concrete. Some passages are specially maintained in poor condition, and even modern Pozbruk paving would be doomed here. The struggle dubbed "Hell of the North" was first conducted in 1896.

save the cobblestones

We encourage walking and cycling. They positively affect health, we hint at a professional context. Cobblestones originated a very long time ago. Exploring interesting corners of Poland (even close to home), Europe, you can find remnants of pavement (in worse and better condition). They are, so to speak, witnesses of history, sometimes remembering the power of large cities, fascinating places, which now fall into oblivion, ba even disappear from maps or at best lose their importance. Observations are worth supporting with book sources and from the Internet. A certain aura of mystery, a glimpse into the past, stimulate the imagination, and can, by the way, provide inspiration for various projects, including those involving retro paving. We recommend this way of spending free time, as a combination of pleasant and useful.

The following is a great way to get started kostka Pozbrukkostka Pozbrukkostka Pozbruk

Pozbruk cube

© Pozbruk

help for the little ones

Finally, staying on the theme of walks, information about how Pozbruk helped.... green toads. One of the most interesting places to spend time actively in Poznan is the Citadel. Tadpoles were growing up in the Water Garden, but experts from the Poznan Urban Greenery Board foresaw their trouble in getting out of the water body. That's why we have built special steps, thanks to which the population of these protected amphibians is being increased. Green toads use them and get to know the "attractions" of one of the most beautiful parks of the capital of Wielkopolska.

Green toads have had trouble getting out of the reservoir kijanki in the Water Garden in Poznan had trouble getting out of the reservoirkijanki in the Water Garden in Poznan had trouble getting out of the reservoirkijanki in the Water Garden in Poznan had trouble getting out of the reservoir

green toads

photo: Zarząd Zieleni Miejskiej w Poznaniu

mini dictionary of dialect

amba komuś odbiraj- to go crazy
brawędzić - to whine
chapać - towork hard
chęchy -neglected area
dać se w tyte - to get drunk
elegant fromMosina - dressed up (disdainfully)
flepy -documents
gira - leg
gemyla -trash, mess
gilejza - clumsy
gzub - kid
ino - only
kamloty -stones
klamoty - junk
labija -party
na szaga -shortcut
nygus -lazy man
obśrupany - scruffy -scratched
ochędożyć - sprzątać
ogrodowy- ogrodnik
przytośtać - przynieść
rug cug -szybko
szpeknąć - zajgląd
taśtać - nosić
tuleć -niezdara
unorororować - uborować

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