When practice meets aesthetics

18 of November '21

When practice meets aesthetics

Almost every manufacturer could talk for hours and write elaborations about its offerings. Only who would want to listen/read it! From the wide range, we have selected 4 interesting proposals for those who want to develop the space around the house, business, restaurant premises.


The possibilities of arrangement with Pozbruk are endless


Lido paving blocks

Many people associate Pozbruk with paving stones, and paving stones with Pozbruk, so this product has a double representation. We start with Lido. It was inspired by Scandinavian design, which is characterized by simplicity, practicality, naturalness.

Minimalist in form, the shapes optically enlarge the space around the building. Versatility allows you to create both classic layouts and fanciful arrangement patterns.


Lido stepping stone mélange


Lido is perfect for paving in front of the property, business, in the garden, on the terrace. We will use it on roads and paths intended for pedestrians, but also for the needs of small car traffic.

Depending on the load, we suggest a different thickness of pavers. At 135 kg per 1 m2 - 6 cm, at 180 kg per 1 m2 - 8 cm. What is important not only for aesthetes, the buyer can choose from a range of color melanges (non-uniform colors), which, unlike the so-called unicolors, are characterized by practicality, durability and ease of maintenance.

Nostalit paving

Unflaggingly popular is Nostalit paving, bringing to some people associations with the word nostalgia. Strongly rounded edges, smooth surface and narrow jointing are its hallmarks. The irregular shape and traffic circle, which are in the supplementary offer, make it possible to create unconventional layouts.


Nostalit pavers winter melange


Nostalit is offered in 4 melanges and 4 solid, natural colors. Similarly to Lido, you can choose the thickness of 6 cm or 8 cm. Packaging - a mix of 3 and 4 irregularly shaped cubes, respectively. The system of different sizes allows you to freely shape the pavement and create both classic arrangements and covered with amazing patterns.

Palisade Straight Resistor

A surface made of paving stones needs finishing touches. Therefore, the palisade straight resistor will come in handy. Its task is to stabilize the edges of the pavers or separate individual zones (not only) in the garden, it can be used as a finishing element.

Eyes have a choice of gray or graphite versions. H-Plus hydrophobic protection helps to displace moisture, increase resistance to frost, as well as to salt and other de-icing agents, and prevent erosion of concrete.


Straight palisade retaining bar


At Pozbruk, we like to use the expression "Sky is the limit" - with the straight palisade resistor the arrangement possibilities are practically unlimited. We will use it for the construction of paths, stairs, flower beds, flowerbeds, decorative fences, edges of paved surfaces, etc.

Terrace slabs

We are moving to the terrace, specifically to the world of Presstone terrace sl abs produced on a concrete structural layer. They are covered with a top decorative layer, made of a mixture of cement and natural aggregates.

As a result, they imitate natural stone and in a near-perfect way, to which the wallet will not lose much. Quick and hassle-free installation shortens the construction time.


Presstone slabs


Presstoneterrace and paving slabs, as is not hard to guess, are an interesting solution for creating a space for rest and relaxation. Homeowners are eager just to invite guests to the terrace on warm summer days, in food outlets outdoor tables experience a siege.

Properly laid concrete paving guarantees durability. Presstone slabs are a group of products with a variety of fashionable shapes, giving great scope for the person in charge of the arrangement.

The products can be cut to any size and adjust the surface to bevels and curves. There is an option to make them into steps leading to the garden. Pozbruk pavers and concrete terrace slabs are resistant to weather conditions and de-icing agents. For maintenance, among other things, a high-powered pressure washer can be used.

For more information, visit the company's {tag:Producent} page on the A&B portal.

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