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Central ventilation with recuperation from STIEBEL ELTRON

06 of September '21

VRC-W 400 central ventilation unit.
From the series "Heating, ventilation, air conditioning - inspiration and solutions 2021"

There is no point in arguing about the advantages of installing a controlled ventilation system with recuperation in a single-family house. Whether we are talking about reducing dust in the house, trapping pollen on the filters of the air handling unit, which many allergy sufferers will appreciate, or significantly reducing the energy used to heat the house. A person spends more than three-quarters of his time in the indoor environment of buildings, so it is important to ensure and actively support proper ventilation. Automatic home ventilation without the need to manually open windows is increasingly becoming a standard in modern construction and brings fundamental improvements in comfort and a healthy indoor environment.

In order for ventilation to run smoothly, with the highest possible efficiency with minimal noise, it is always necessary to have a powerful and reliable heart of the system - the central ventilation unit. The ideal partner in this case is the VRC-W 400 from German manufacturer Stiebel Eltron.

This wall-mounted ventilation unit contains the highest quality components available on the market. Whether we are talking about extremely quiet, economical and reliable fans or a highly efficient energy recovery exchanger. The metal construction of the unit provides especially increased mechanical strength, but also sealing and significant soundproofing, so you don't have to worry about placing the unit outside the technical room. In this case, displaying the unit is not something to be ashamed of, on the contrary, especially thanks to the transparent and modern design concept.

The unit is officially approved for use in passive buildings, especially in single-family homes. But the possibilities of using this air handling unit do not end there. With a maximum air capacity of 400m3/h, the air handling unit can be used to ventilate larger apartments or even smaller commercial spaces such as small office buildings, etc.

With central ventilation, a single unit (recuperator) handles the supply and exhaust of air to/from the interior of the building with a comprehensive ventilation system. The ventilation ducts needed for this can be recessed in concrete walls or suspended ceilings, in floors or placed under the screed - even in open spaces. This option is suitable for new projects and complex retrofit projects. Its main advantage is the even supply of fresh air throughout the building. The energy recovered from the exhaust air can be used to heat the supply air.

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How does controlled ventilation and heat recovery work?

Pipe systems for air distribution are already installed in the house during construction. In terms of controlled ventilation and heat recovery, the house is divided into two areas where we need fresh air. These are rooms and bedrooms, and areas with increased moisture and odors: kitchens, bathrooms and toilets. Contaminated air is removed from the rooms, and in the air handling unit, the warm and stale air gives up heat to fresh cold air in a cross-flow counterflow heat exchanger, which has been drawn in from the environment and cleaned by an effective dust filter. The heated, fresh and filtered air flows into the rooms. Corridors and staircases are ventilated with air passing from the living quarters to the areas with air extraction. Moist, stale air is removed from bathrooms and toilets. By creating a negative pressure in the room, it is also prevented from spreading deep into the house.

Advantages of modern ventilation systems

  • Improved indoorair quality
  • Reduction of harmful emissions
  • Increased livingcomfort
  • Recovery of heating heat that is usually lost through window ventilation
  • Energy-efficient ventilation through heat recovery
  • Protection of walls and prevention of mold growth
  • Benefits for allergy sufferers

VRC-W 400 wall-mounted air handling units do more than just exchange air

Thanks to their exceptionally quiet operation (only 48 dB(A) according to EN 12102), they are ideal for apartments, single-family houses, small industrial plants. Their capacity of up to 400m3/h predisposes them to use in small facilities. The unit recovers up to about 65% of moisture and up to 94% of heat energy from stale air. In the summer months, energy-efficient cooling, thanks to an automatic bypass damper, provides a high level of comfort in the home.

The air handling unit has an antifreeze protection system. When the outside air temperature falls below the preset protection threshold, the electric pre-heater is activated. This prevents the cross-flow heat exchanger from freezing. VRC-W 400 E is a version of the recuperator with moisture recovery. It uses a highly efficient enthalpic heat exchanger transferring moisture with a countercurrent heat exchanger with a selective membrane. This membrane recovers moisture from the exhaust air and transfers it to the incoming air. In this way, the decrease in relative indoor humidity can be reduced during the winter months. All functions can be conveniently operated using the optional FEB control panel.

© Stiebel Eltron


Central ventilation unit with heat recovery for ventilation of single-family homes and small commercial properties.


Contemporary design with ergonomically designed programming module and separate filter cover panel; can be used for single-family homes and large apartments. Integrated controller with multi-function display and weekly schedule; can also be used as remote control. High-efficiency fans with backward-curved blades with constant flow rate. High-efficiency cross-flow counter-current heat exchanger. Built-in pre-heater. Automatic bypass in the air supply duct, built-in humidity sensor in the waste air duct. Simple filter replacement with combi filter cartridges. Fine dust filter available as an accessory.


Constant-flow, reverse-acting fans with airflow rate control provide balanced airflow rates, resulting in efficient operation.


Installation in residential buildings, utility rooms, basements, etc. Connection spigots are located at the top of the unit; easy access to the electrical connection panel without opening the unit; housing made of sheet steel; visible surface in alpine white with powder-coated finish.

  • Air flow rate: 60-400m3/h
  • High heat recovery rate of up to 93%
  • Intelligent anti-freeze protection system
  • Very easy maintenance and filter replacement
  • Dimensions: (depth × width × height) 534×690×997 mm.
  • Energy efficiency class in moderate climate conditions: A
  • Central ventilation system for optimum air quality
  • Constant-flow fans enable balanced airflow and ensure efficient operation
  • Integrated pre-heater to heat the flow rate during winter months
  • Moisture recovery (for E version - Enthalpy)
  • Ergonomically designed programming module for easy operation
  • Possibility to use the programming unit as a remote control to control all functions

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