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New generation external wall system - AQUAPANEL technology

27 of December '20

Knauf's AQUAPANEL®exterior wall system is a new-generation building material that can be used to create strong and durable structures with advantages not possible with conventional building materials.

As a flexible and weather-resistant system, Knauf Exterior Wall provides a building envelope that protects against heavy rain and high humidity. AQUAPANEL® board is completely waterproof because it is made of inorganic raw materials. It does not mold, soften or swell.

Theweight of the assembled walls is up to 75% less compared to structures made of conventional building materials. This allows for greater design freedom and better functionality in any application. Knauf AQUAPANEL® exterior walls in both new and renovated buildings offer unparalleled advantages in terms of economy and durability.

Nobel Tower, Poznań © KNAUF

Nobel Tower, Poznań


Key advantages of Knauf exterior walls

  • Thinner walls with the same energy efficiency (0.20 W/m2K with a thickness of only 22 cm compared to 32-34.5 cm for prefabricated walls, also with a 16 cm insulation layer).
  • Shorter installation time (up to 27% faster) compared to brick and prefabricated walls.
  • Up to 8% more interior space due to less material thickness.
  • Better energy efficiency and more room for additional insulation for energy savings and reduced building utility costs.
  • Acoustic properties, fire resistance, seismicresistance and thermal performance comparable to brick and prefabricated walls with the added benefit of lighter construction.
  • Knauf exterior walls do not confine the building, but shape the space. Knauf exterior wall systems can result in up to 8.4% more interior space than conventional technologies.

Not just a wall, but a complete solution

Knauf offers complete exterior wall development systems for projects. This is a complete solution, each component of which is available directly from us. Explore the entire range of accessories included in a complete Knauf exterior wall.

Knauf AQUAPANEL® Outdoor system at Nobel Tower.

Modern Knauf AQUAPANEL® Outdoor cement boards were used for the ventilated facade of Nobel Tower. Nobel Tower's façade was inspired by an arrangement of muscle tissue to reflect the medical-technological activities carried out in the building. The bionic form of the building's facade, which refers to the slender structure of muscle tissue cells, hides the massiveness of the outer walls. Such a design not only has a beneficial effect on energy efficiency, but also allows for flexible arrangement of interiors for rent. It is extremely striking, making the Nobel Tower stand out decisively against the surrounding neighborhood and the city as a whole.

For more information, visit the company's KNAUF AMF Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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