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Rigips gypsum boards - walls tested in extreme conditions

27 of December '20

RIGIPS is a construction brand with many years of tradition and experience. We provide complete systems and solutions for the construction of comfortable, friendly and safe interiors by offering, among others: partition walls, attics, wall cladding and suspended ceilings.

One of the key categories in the RIGIPS product range are gypsum plasterboards with varied parameters, tailored to the needs and requirements of Users. Based on natural gypsum, gypsum boards are dust-free, odor-free, do not contain hazardous fibers or emit compounds considered hazardous or toxic. Selected products have Activ'Air® additive, which reduces the level of formaldehyde concentration in the room.

RIGIPS 4PRO™ – płyty g-k o najwyższej klasie gładkości powierzchni © RIGIPS

RIGIPS 4PRO™ - plasterboards with the highest surface smoothness class


RIGIPS 4 PRO™ - perfect smoothness and no cracks

RIGIPS 4PRO™ board with four flattened edges and printed measure is the onlysolution on the market formaking walls/ceilings with the highest degree of smoothness. RIGIPS PRO technology makes it possible to make joints, with no thickening at the joints, with significant savings in the use of joint compound. The result is a smooth, perfectly finished surface.

The main applications for RIGIPS 4PRO™ gypsum boards are suspended ceilings, attic buildings and high walls. RIGIPS 4PRO™ boards are recommended for rooms with higher aesthetic requirements, where there are large, intensely lit areas. RIGIPS 4PRO™ boards are also available in Hydro (impregnated boards) and Fire (fireproof boards) versions.

RIGIPS HABITO® - walls tested in extreme conditions

RIGIPS HABITO® walls are the best alternative to masonry technology and wood-based panels. RIGIPS HABITO® systems are a solution dedicated to rooms exposed to mechanical damage. Thanks to its high strength parameters, walls designed using the RIGIPS HABITO® system, allow the installation of permanent and cyclic loads, do not take up much space, and at the same time their installation is as fast as that of ordinary plasterboard. It is a modern solution, combining the advantages of masonry and drywall technology.

RIGIPS HABITO® – płyty g-k o wysokiej wytrzymałości na uderzenia © RIGIPS

RIGIPS HABITO® - high-impact plasterboards


The main application of RIGIPS HABITO® is sheathing for wall cladding, partition walls, ceiling linings, suspended ceilings and attic buildings. The board is recommended for the construction of elements with increased requirements for impact resistance, in all places characterized by high traffic such as hotels, office buildings, children's rooms, schools, hospitals. Durability is associated with increased longevity, but also with minimization of needed repairs and maintenance. All this contributes to the reduced cost of operating the wall.

RIGIPS PRO AKU - guarantee of silence

RIGIPS PRO AKU is a line of special sound-insulating gypsum boards with increased acoustic insulation. The gypsum core contains special mineral fibers and other additives to reduce the transmission of sound energy. In combination with ULTRASTIL® AKU profiles, the boards form special AKU wall systems, which have 5-7 dB increased (compared to walls built with standard boards and profiles) sound insulation.

Recommended application is sheathing in interior drywall systems, especially designed for systems with high R'A1 sound insulation requirements.

RIGIPS GLASROC® X Ocean and ULTRASTIL® HYDROPROFIL - innovative power to protect wet rooms

RIGIPS Glasroc® X Ocean is a gypsum board reinforced with a fiberglass mat. It consists of an impregnated and reinforced gypsum core reinforced on both sides with a hydrophobic fiberglass mat. The hydrophobic mat provides protection against mold in rooms with increased water load.

RIGIPS GLASROC® X Ocean – innowacyjna siła ochrony pomieszczeń mokrych © RIGIPS

RIGIPS GLASROC® X Ocean - the innovative power to protect wet rooms


The boards are not coated with cardboard and do not contain cellulose, so they have high natural resistance to mold growth and are ideal for applications in so-called wet rooms. The high structural strength allows walls to be built with a single panel.

GLASROC® X Ocean board in duo with ULTRASTIL® HYDROPROFIL C4 profiles is an ideal solution for rooms with moderate to high water and moisture loads such as swimming pools, bath rooms, bathrooms, etc. These are rooms where condensation constantly occurs on the partitions and there is direct contact of water with the partitions.

RIGIPS ULTRASTIL® HYDROPROFIL profiles with corrosivity class C4 are coated with ZM310 metallic coating, which is a breakthrough in corrosion protection. Thanks to the phenomenon of self-healing, the coating also provides protection for edges formed during profile cutting.


Our solutions are found in all sectors of the construction industry. Choosing RIGIPS products, the user gains a number of benefits, wide possibilities of interior design, clean air comfort, acoustic comfort, fire safety and technical advice at every stage of construction.

For more information, visit the company's SAINT-GOBAIN CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS POLSKA Sp. z o.o. Biuro Rigips w Warszawie page on the A&B portal.

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