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Wide range of ceilings with original design and varied parameters from RIGIPS

03 of December '22

RIGIPS is a construction brand with many years of tradition and experience. We provide complete systems and solutions for the construction of comfortable, friendly and safe interiors offering, among others: partition walls, attics, wall coverings and suspended ceilings. Our products ensure the highest quality of finish and comfort.

Suspended ceilings are one of the key product categories in the RIGIPS offer. Below we present a wide range of ceilings with original design and varied parameters, tailored to specific customer requirements. RIGIPS suspended ceilings are the optimal solution in terms of fire protection, acoustics, hygiene and aesthetics. Selected products have the Activ'Air® function, which reduces the level of harmful volatile substances in the room.

Gyptone BIG –
dzwiękochłonne płyty do ścian i sufitów Gyprex – płyty do sufitów
kasetonowych w pomieszczeniach o podwyższonych wymaganiach higienicznych

Gyptone BIG - sound-absorbing panels for walls and ceilings,
Gyprex - panels for coffered ceilings in rooms with higher hygienic requirements


Solid monolithic ceilings - classic, smooth ceilings made of 12.5 mm thick RIGIPS 4PROTM gypsum boards, mounted on a frame made of RIGIPS CD 60 ULTRASTIL® profiles. The main advantages of the system are economy, simplicity and the classic smooth look of a traditional ceiling. The ceilings allow for system fire resistance from 30 to 120 minutes.

Monolithic perforated ceilings - beautiful, aesthetic ceilings with enhanced acoustic properties. Sound absorption index αw ranges from 0.30 to 0.80, with absorption in human speech frequencies close to 1 for many patterns. Made of perforated, large-format gypsum board with Activ'Air®: RIGITONE and GYPTONE BIG.

  • RIGITONE - 10 patterns with round or square perforations that are evenly distributed over the entire surface,
  • GYPTONE BIG - a choice of 9 textures with square, hexagonal or slotted perforations arranged in regular geometric patterns. Characteristic features are high sound absorption and original design.

RIGITONE and GYPTONE BIG boards can also be used on walls, maintaining the uniformity of the room's design and increasing its acoustic comfort.

Gyptone BIG Curve –
dźwiękochłonne płyty do gięcia

Gyptone BIG Curve - sound-absorbing bending boards


Monolithic curved ceilings - system solutions for the most demanding projects. The boards can be easily bent to create curves and wavy surfaces on the ceiling. The minimum bending radius is 60 cm. The offer includes 3 types of boards:

  • RIGIPS PRO Flexi - a smooth 6 mm thick gypsum board for standard applications,
  • GLASROC F (Riflex) - smooth 6 mm thick gypsum board, reinforced and laminated with fiberglass, for applications with higher requirements for moisture and fire resistance,
  • GYPTONE BIG Curve - sound-absorbing, perforated gypsum board, 6 mm thick, available in 3 perforation patterns. Sound absorption index αw ranges from 0.45 to 0.60, depending on the pattern.

Coffered ceilings - demountable, acoustic and decorative suspended ceilings made of 60×60 or 60×120 cm gypsum boards, mounted on a visible or concealed structure made of steel profiles. Quick and easy installation and access to installations hidden above the ceiling.

Gyptone Point 80 –
dźwiękochłonne płyty do sufitów kasetonowych

Gyptone Point 80 - sound-absorbing panels for cassette ceilings


There are 3 groups of gypsum boards used as filling for coffered ceilings:

  • CASOPRANO - 3 board designs with a thickness of 8 mm. They are distinguished by maximum economy and aesthetics of smooth, bright surfaces with different textures. They have no perforations, are characterized by high indicators of sound insulation and moisture resistance. A huge advantage is the high mechanical strength and the possibility of loading a single panel up to 3 kg, which facilitates the installation of lighting and other accessories directly in the panel. CASOPRANO panels are an ideal solution for offices, stores, restaurants and sports facilities,
  • GYPTONE - the highest elegance and acoustics among coffered ceilings. Made with Activ'Air® technology, the 10-mm-thick panels are laminated with acoustic fleece on the underside, so their sound absorption coefficient αw is up to 0.85. There are 10 types of surfaces with varying round, square, hexagonal or slot perforations. GYPTONE can also be mounted on a concealed structure, creating a beautiful and durable surface, giving the possibility of repeated installation and removal of panels. In this group, we offer the new Gyptone slim ceiling tiles in two mounting systems: Plank for corridors and Xtensiv for suspended ceilings in larger rooms. This makes it possible to use the same standard of ceilings in interiors, regardless of their purpose or square footage,
  • GYPREX - the so-called "hygienic" ceiling for rooms with higher requirements for air purity and hygiene. The panels are 8 mm thick and are laminated with PVC film on the visible side. They are characterized by high durability, resistance to dirt and washability. GYPREX is a product designed for bathrooms, sanitary facilities, kitchens, healthcare facilities and the food industry. GYPREX Asepta is saturated with a special bactericidal and fungicidal agent, which allows the product to be used in rooms with higher hygienic requirements.

 Rigitone –
dźwiękochłonne płyty do ścian i sufitów

Rigitone - sound-absorbing panels for walls and ceilings


RIGIPS suspended ceilings can be installed in the form of independent INSULA ceiling islands. INSULA islands can be filled with both coffered and monolithic ceilings.

RIGIPS ceilings have all the advantages of systemic suspended ceilings, such as completeness, ease and speed of installation, cost-effectiveness.

For more infromation, visit the company's SAINT-GOBAIN CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS POLSKA Sp. z o.o. Biuro Rigips w Warszawie page on the PdA portal.

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