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The way to kitchen... cabinets

20 of January '20

Capacious, large cabinets are a good solution not only in the bedroom or dressing room, but also in the... kitchen. Tall and capacious, they will allow you to hide all the kitchen utensils, accessories and supplies, and in addition, skillfully arranged, for example, next to the refrigerator - they look great. Only how to bring functional order in them?

There is no shortage of the most diverse things and spars in any kitchen. Starting with large and uncluttered ones such as pots, pans and household appliances, through smaller crockery and accessories, to food supplies that are replenished again and again. How to store it all to keep things neat and tidy, while not condemning yourself to stuffing products in overly cramped lower and upper cabinets?

An increasingly popular solution to the issue of storage in kitchen interiors are capacious cabinets, or in other words, high cabinets reaching all the way to the ceiling, sometimes called pillars. These extremely capacious pieces of furniture, usually in modern designs are placed next to the refrigerator and built-in oven (then they create a functional and aesthetic functional zone) or on the edge of worktops. Their dimensions depend primarily on the specifics and layout of the room, but it is recommended that they should be, like the refrigerator, about 60 cm deep and at least 20 cm wide.

Tall cabinets should not be associated with traditional sideboards, but rather a very convenient mini-pantry that can fit even in a relatively small kitchen. They offer a very large storage space, incomparable to other kitchen cabinets, even corner ones, which is why it seems that they will be hosted more and more often in interior designs," explains Damian Rybak, REJS product consultant.

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How to use tall cabinets?

While kitchen cabinets undoubtedly have a lot of advantages, they also have one, but a serious drawback. Things that we hide in their depths, as well as on the upper or lowest shelves, are sometimes difficult to access. Finding and removing them means having to put out at least a few other, shallower products. And that means wasted time, as well as unnecessary effort and mess. Is it possible to avoid this problem? Yes. The solution is practical pull-out systems that will give you access to the entire contents of the cabinet in an instant.

Cargo Maxi by REJS is a set of baskets suspended on a stable frame. The sturdy trolley system guarantees the comfort of pulling out and inserting (and in some models also turning) all the baskets at once. And this is true even when the system is fully loaded. And it is worth mentioning that the maximum load capacity of the cargo is as high as 90 kg. Thanks to this, we can store even heavy products like sugar or flour in it," says Damian Rybak.

REJS systems designed for high cabinets are available in several different widths (from 150 to 600 mm), so we can easily match them to the size of our posts. In addition, we can choose baskets with a wire bottom, in which it is worth storing products that require better air circulation, or with a solid bottom made of plastic with a surface that reduces slipping.

The ability to mount the baskets at the desired height allows the user to configure the Cargo Maxi according to their needs - to accommodate both tall bottles and small jars, while not wasting valuable space. Another attractive option is the possibility of installing an electric assisted opening system. Thanks to it, a light touch of a finger is enough for the cargo to silently slide out of the cabinet," adds Damian Rybak.

For more information, visit the REJS company's website on our portal.

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