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The windows we dream of - choose from a wide range of colors and textures!

Łukasz Studnicki
31 of December '20

The windows we dream of

When choosing window frames, we pay attention to three elements - insulation, functionality and aesthetics. We want the windows not only to protect against the cold, but also to match the building. We give up white and standard profiles in favor of original solutions. And these MS more than OKNA offers plenty.

Shapes and details

Windows are much more than a frame and glazing. There are those distinguished by simple, minimalist profile lines and those with rounded, subtle edges. Those that are thoroughly modern and completely classic. MS więcej niż OKNA offers all of these.

Okna o jakich marzymy -
do wyboru szeroka paleta kolorów i struktur! © MS więcej niż OKNA

The windows we dream of - choose from a wide range of colors and structures!

© MS more than OKNA

ALU LOOK windows, attract the eye with their modern, angular edges. The effect is strengthened by the joining of profiles in the sash and frame at right angles - and both inside and outside. MS evolution [82] windows, on the other hand, are characterized by the rounded lines of massive 6-chamber SALAMANDER A-class profiles. The solid, wide frames are suitable for classic and stylized residences. The joints of the profiles, thanks to the use of no-flash weld technology, are almost invisible. Wood Look windows are distinguished by a different style . The profiles, joined at right angles and covered with wood-like foils, are deceptively similar to natural wood. They are particularly popular among owners of detached houses.

Colors and structures

Equally important is the color of the windows. Currently, MS więcej niż OKNA offers more than 40 films that fit in with current trends. Monochromatic veneers - especially those in fashionable shades of gray and imitating metals (Alux Db, Metbrush Alu or Anthracite), as well as deep black (Jet Black matt CC+) - are growing in popularity. On the other hand, wood-inspired designs are of interest. Particularly noteworthy are those with a distinct surface texture, felt under the fingers and giving the impression of "live" wood. Such a finish is characterized, among others, by films from the Woodec series (Turner Oak, Alpine and Concrete).

What is noteworthy - windows can be maintained in two colors at the same time. The sashes and profiles, or the inner and outer sides, can have a different color. And this while maintaining different surface textures. Matte and satin finishes go well with monochromatic designs, those with a three-dimensional structure - with wood-like designs, while those with a brushed effect - with metal-inspired veneers.

Okna o jakich marzymy -
do wyboru szeroka paleta kolorów i struktur! © MS więcej niż OKNA

The windows we dream of - a wide range of colors and structures to choose from!

© MS more than OKNA

More comfort

In addition to window joinery, MS więcej niż OKNA also offers a range of complementary solutions, such as large-size glazing, Patio HST lift-and-slide doors, external shades - more Solutions roller blinds and mSun+ blinds. Thanks to a wide range of colors, we can easily match them to the windows and facade. Attention should also be paid to smart home systems. Thanks to them, we can further secure our home and make living in it even more comfortable.

For more information, visit the company's MS więcej niż OKNA Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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