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ACO - comprehensive technologies for drainage, treatment, release and recycling of water

08 of December '22

The ACO Sp. z o.o. Group is one of the most respected companies in the market for drainage technology, economical and efficient treatment and controlled release and reuse of water. It is present in more than 40 countries, with 30 manufacturing plants on four continents. The company offers dedicated solutions for a wide range of market segments including office buildings, multi-family housing, urban infrastructure, sports facilities and nature conservation sites.

ACO SlotDrain Hotel Marriott Kraków

ACO SlotDrain Hotel Marriott Krakow


ACO SlotDrain

Slotdrainage compatible with ACO Drain® Multiline polymer concrete channels, ACO XtraDrain® composite channels and ACO Gala® channels, in various sizes and loading classes, up to D400.

  • Possibility of individual design of the slot, including the curve
  • Narrow inlet slot aesthetically blends into the pavement structure
  • Possibility of using channels with a profiled bottom slope of 0.5%
  • The V 100 and V 150 system can be docked with special compounds to maintain full tightness, if required
  • Typical applications: representative squares, traffic routes, courtyards, platforms, parking lots for cars, bicycle paths and sidewalks.

ACO Drain® Multiline Gubałówka Zakopane ACO Pro Zakrzówek ACO Drain® Multiline Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Krakowie

ACO Drain® Multiline Gubałówka Zakopane ACO Pro Zakrzówek | ACO Drain® Multiline University of Economics in Krakow


ACO Drain® Multiline

Innovative concept giving full design freedom: five load classes, six channel clear widths, three types of materials used for edge reinforcement.

  • Polymer concrete channels for optimum stability
  • Variety of channel widths and protective edges
  • V-shape in cross-section for better hydraulic and self-cleaning effect
  • Wide choice of galvanized steel, cast iron or stainless steel grates
  • Load class A15-E600

ACO Sport – Boisko Mszana

ACO Sport - Mszana pitch



Comprehensive system for equipping athletic facilities - both linear drainage of the running track and elements of the development of the ski jump or water ditch. The system complies with IAAF and PZLA guidelines. Used in almost all athletics Olympic stadiums built since 1972 around the world.


  • dehydration of athletics raceways,
  • drainage of football and field field hockey fields covered with artificial turf,
  • long jumps,
  • curbs and doormats for sand pit of distance jumps,
  • water ditches, etc.

ACO Pro Zakrzówek

ACO Pro Zakrzówek


Protection system for amphibians and small animals - ACO PRO

These are tunnel and guide wall systems for amphibians and small animals.

  • ACO PRO tunnel made of polymer concrete with entrance panel
  • ACO PRO LEP 100 homing wall made of polymer concrete with entrance element
  • ACO KS bottom plate made of polymer concrete
  • ACO PRO SR 400 G footings with cast iron grates and frames, designed for use on side roads and driveways

For more information, visit the company's ACO Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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