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An integrated approach to drainage

01 of November '19

Professional drainage, economical cleaning and controlled release and reuse of water.

ACO Drain Multiline linear drainage systems

The basis of the ACO Drain® Multiline system is the idea of creating benefits for everyone: architects, designers, distributors and contractors. Five load classes, six clear channel widths, three types of materials used for edge reinforcement - all this adds up to an innovative concept that gives full design freedom.

  • Universal drainage system
    - Polymer concrete channels for optimum stability
    - Variable channel widths and protective edges
    - V-shape in cross-section for improved hydraulic and self-cleaning effect
    - Wide choice of galvanized steel, cast iron or stainless steel grates
    - Load class A15-E600
  • Plastic, cast iron and cast iron grates with illumination
    Enjoy complete design freedom with a variety of grates in different designs, colors and materials - cast iron, composite materials, stainless steel or galvanized steel. ACO's innovative manufacturing technology makes it possible to realize different visions rich in ideas and individual solutions. Architects having a wide choice of grates for drainage channels, so you can create a unique effect, emphasizing the character of the entire project. At the same time we guarantee optimal drainage and stability of the drainage.

ACO SlotDrain slot drains

Compatible with ACO Drain® Multiline polymer concrete channels, ACO XtraDrain® composite channels and ACO Gala® channels, in various sizes and loading classes, up to D400.

  • Discreet drainage system
    Possibility of individual design of the slot, including the curve. Narrow inlet slot aesthetically blends into the pavement structure. Possibility of using channels with a profiled bottom slope of 0.5%. V 100 and V 150 system can be docked with special compounds to maintain full tightness if required.
  • Applications
    Representative plazas, traffic routes, courtyards, platforms, parking lots for cars, bicycle paths and sidewalks.

ACO Profiline drainages

A system of galvanized steel or stainless steel channels for draining the surface of roofs, terraces and balconies, protruding parts of facades, and for receiving water from horizontal drainage (gravel, grit). For drainage of green terraces and roof gardens, compatible with all types of surface finishes.

  • Applications
    Green roofs, inverted terraces, ventilated terraces, glass facades

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