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Air conditioning solutions for commercial buildings

25 of January '20

air conditioning for historic buildings DAIKIN VRV-i

A unique air conditioning solution for historic buildings under the supervision of the conservator of monuments. VRV-i air conditioning system is installed entirely inside the building, without any interference in the facade. This solution has already been used in many buildings across Europe.

In Poland, thanks to the Daikin system, the historic City Hall in Zamość is air-conditioned. The system, for aesthetic purposes, will be encased in plasterboard with service openings.

Daikin, for many years, has been a leader in comprehensive air conditioning, heating, and ventilation solutions. Continuous research and development allows to provide the market with more and more economical and energy-efficient devices, which are appreciated by investors, designers, architects and users alike.

A wide range of air conditioning, heating, cooling and ventilation solutions:

  • VRV - for commercial buildings, historic buildings, multi-level buildings such as offices, banks, hotels, etc.
  • Chilled water units - for applications including industrial processes
  • Split, Multi, Sky Air systems - for homes, offices, restaurants
  • Daikin Altherma - solutions for, residential buildings
  • air handling units - for the most demanding buildings
  • command and control systems - monitoring and control of HVAC systems.

An extensive database of programs to facilitate design

  • universal applications - e.g. for visualization of equipment directly
    on the construction site, programs to simulate electricity consumption
  • programs supporting the design of commercial air conditioning systems - e.g. for the selection of VRV systems, air handling units, chillers or Mutli systems
  • configurators for heating systems - supporting design and selection of devices
  • refrigeration applications - supporting the design and selection of Conveni-pack systems and refrigeration equipment.

Dedicated technical trainings for specialists and general trainings

  • general training courses - relate to the product range and design tools offered by Daikin, organized locally by regional offices
  • design workshops - dedicated to HVAC designers; e.g. VRV Pro, organized in small training groups
  • dedicated training courses - prepared at the request of a given design office
  • training with the presentation of reference objects - conducted mostly together with other offices in Europe, on the most interesting and modern reference objects realized on the basis of Daikin equipment.

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