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Daikin's mini VRV 5 air conditioning system on R-32

02 of October '20

Since its inception, Daikin has promoted solutions that are the most environmentally friendly, innovative and user-friendly. With many years of experience in the HVAC industry, the company has produced the new VRV 5-series system, which is a suitable solution, adapted to the changing market, while being the most environmentally friendly solution. In view of the changing HVAC market, Daikin, in order to reduce the environmental impact, and aiming to reduceCO2 equivalent emissions into the atmosphere, is launching a new generation of VRV systems - mini VRV 5 systems running on R32 refrigerant.

VRV - air conditioning and ecology

With the introduction of R-32 refrigerant into VRV systems, we get a much lower greenhouse effect potential (the GWP rating for R-32 is 675, which is 1/3 of the GWP of the standard R410A refrigerant used in Freon systems). In addition, the new VRV systems require 10% less refrigerant than the previous series on R410A. As in split systems, VRV systems operating on R-32 refrigerant have higher seasonal efficiencies, which reduces operating costs, to the benefit of the investor. R-32 refrigerant is a single-component factor, is much easier to recycle and handle.

efficient and environmentally friendly air conditioning

The new series of units will be available in sizes from 4HP (12.1kW cooling capacity) to 6HP (15.5kW cooling capacity). Outdoor units will be available in 1-phase and 3-phase power supply versions. An unquestionable advantage of these systems is their compatibility with indoor units, ideally suited to both small rooms and larger ones - connectable units include wall-mounted, low- and medium-compression duct units, and cassette units (600×600, or with full-circuit air supply). In addition, a 1.1kW duct unit has been introduced in the new VRV series, dedicated to the smallest rooms to ensure user comfort.

air conditioning - safety first

When R-32 refrigerant is used in Freon systems, it is necessary to take additional safety measures in accordance with the IEC60335-2-40 product standard, which gives all the information on the total amount of refrigerant and minimum room area depending on the safety measures used. Daikin, in its systems, has used factory-installed, two safety measures - shut-off valves and an alarm (local or central), the use of which allows units to be installed in rooms of up to 10 m². This unique feature on the market, with factory-installed safety measures, allows the installation company to install the safest system on the market for the end user.

System air conditioning mini VRV 5 on R-32 by DaikinSystem air conditioning mini VRV 5 on R-32 by DaikinSystem air conditioning mini VRV 5 on R-32 by Daikin

Mini VRV 5 air conditioning system


optimizing proven technology

The mini VRV 5 series is equipped with technology familiar from previous VRV series - the VRT variable refrigerant evaporation temperature, which provides maximum comfort with the highest efficiency. The design of the unit has also been optimized - a single-fan unit with side ejection of air will allow discreet installation, the compact size will make it easier for the installer to transport and install the unit, and the additional fan compression will allow the unit to be hidden. The new mini VRV 5 unit, allows operation at 5 volume levels, achieving the lowest sound pressure of up to 39dB(A) meeting the most stringent noise level standards.

remote and voice control of the system

A new feature of VRV 5 series systems is control. All indoor units can be controlled via Daikin Online Controller. The app can control and monitor the operating status of up to 50 units. In addition to standard options such as setting the operating mode, set temperature, fan speed or setting schedules, voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant is also possible.


All new Daikin units are now available in Daikin's selection programs - VRV Web Xpress, VRV Pro. On Daikin's website you can find all appliance blocks in dwg format and you can use our BIM library - to best assist the designer already at the design stage.

For more information, visit the company's Daikin Airconditioning Poland Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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