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Hematite palette - for the love of gray

01 of October '20

Palette of 28 shades of gray for facades
From the series "Paints, chemistry, insulation - innovations 2020".

Hematite is a palette of 28 new gray shades of plaster and paint by Weber, prepared especially for you. Here you will find the perfect shade to create the perfect background for your life. So that you can enjoy it without any restrictions.

It was, is and will be...

Gray is the leading color of the last decade. It has made its way into trendy restaurants, modern hotels and apartments. No designer has omitted this color from his collection.

Why has gray become so fashionable? Because it allows you to calm down and gives you space. It cuts off stimuli that disrupt our brain. It allows us to get away from pushy, eye-popping billboards or overly colorful buildings in public spaces. Gray is no longer associated with sadness and depression, but with elegance and class. It has become synonymous with good taste. Today we simply feel good about it.

© Weber Saint-Gobain

Hematite - for luck

Hematite is a stone of good luck. In the past it was attributed magical power - it was an amulet. Hematite was worn by warriors, because they believed it gave strength, courage, endurance and peace. It is a stone that can also bring us luck. When we are fighting a daily battle with the rushing reality, gray will give us solace, peace and space.

Hematite is a palette of 28 new shades of gray by Weber. The new colors of plasters and paints were prepared especially with you in mind. You will find a shade that will allow you to create a unique home - where you will enjoy life, relax and fulfill your dreams.

© Weber Saint-Gobain

Why the Hematite palette? There are many reasons...

First - the new Hematite palette corresponds to the current trends of popular colors used on the facade. The entire palette dedicated to different shades of gray allows full implementation of architectural concepts, including colors close to black.

Secondly - the Hematite palette allows full implementation of various architectural concepts. It contains as many as 28 different shades of gray, from very light to colors close to black - there is something for everyone.

Gray is a neutral color that blends perfectly with many colors. With contrasting combinations, for example, with white, yellow or red, you can highlight details and give the building an individual character. This is another reason to bet on gray. But this is not the end of the advantages of the Hematite palette. Thanks to special pigments called cool pigments, which reflect a significant part of the sun's radiation (including ultraviolet or infrared radiation), the use of very dark colors on the facade is no longer a risk.

Cool pigments - an innovative solution

Until recently, the use of very dark colors on large areas of the facade was associated with significant risks. Dark colors, especially those with a reflectance value (HBW) of less than 15, absorb most of the sun's energy, causing intense surface heating of up to 800°C. With a sudden change in weather, the wall can suddenly cool down by up to several tens of degrees, resulting in high stresses and eventually cracks, spalling, bulges and other defects. This is because the sun emits light not only in the visible band, but also in the ultraviolet and infrared. This portion of radiation, invisible to humans, accounts for more than 50% of the energy responsible for the heating of building elements such as walls and roofs.

Colors of Weber plasters and paints from the Hematite palette

© Weber Saint-Gobain

The darkest colors of plasters from the Hematite palette (labeled A3) have been enriched with special pigments called cool pigments, which make the surface of the facade not heat up as with standard pigments. As a result, thermal stresses do not appear on the facade, and the likelihood of defects is completely eliminated. The Hematite palette gives you the opportunity to use dark colors on the facade completely safely! We leave the rest to your imagination!

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