Arch-Deco Sp. z o.o.

Arch-Deco is an architectural office founded in 1989 by Zbigniew Reszko, the founder of Architectural Creation in Gdansk, and Michal Baryżewski, a Fulbright scholar in the USA, offering comprehensive design services for construction projects in the field of architecture and interiors from the preparatory stages of the investment to the supervision and conduct of construction, including investor's representation, general contracting.

With the constant technological race, the task of the office is to use the latest developments to create contemporary architectural solutions with due respect for the location and character of the designed object. The intended result is a contemporarily functional object with a definite individuality, realized to the maximum within the established budget and deadline. The ultimate goal is the customer's satisfaction that his investment money has been managed to the maximum, and the building meets both his expectations and the requirements of the times with a reserve.

As one of the first companies in our market with this profile, we started this kind of comprehensive activities thanks to the long professional experience of the two founders of the office, both in Poland and in the USA. This was in line with global trends, where the design bureau has constant control over the quality of the implemented project, and this down to the smallest detail, up to the final acceptance of the object. Our long experience shows that such a comprehensive investment service gives the client the greatest control over the implementation of the investment.

Our studio has the necessary experience in the implementation of multi-functional facilities, and thus the necessary qualifications and a qualified design team of more than 30 people.

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