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Trim strips for building insulation systems

02 of December '21

Trim strips for building thermal insulation systems

Bella Plast has been a leader in the production of trims and trim profiles for thermal insulation systems for more than 25 years.

BP22 – listwa PVC
zakończeniowa BP11 H3RS – listwa PVC do
boniowania z folią ochronną

BP22 - PVC finishing strip, BP11 H3RS - PVC rustication strip with protective film.


What are building thermal insulation systems ?

Building thermal insulation systems carried out by BSO method (jointless insulation systems - "light-wet" method) - English: ETICS (external thermal insulation composite system) using thermal claddings such as polystyrene and mineral wool is the most common and still - in terms of economy - the most attractive method of insulating external walls of buildings.

listwa PVC do boniowania – natynkowa BP15 – listwa PVC
dylatacyjna elewacyjna typu „E”

BP11 MINI MAX - PVC rustication strip - surface-mounted, BP15 - "E" type facade expansion PVC strip.


Offer of Bella Plast company

The company's offer includes all basic and specialized profiles for the proper implementation of the thermal insulation facade: window expansion mouldings (BP13 series), eaves mouldings (BP14 series), facade expansion mouldings (BP15, BP16 series), finishing mouldings separating plaster masses (BP22 series), reinforcing angle beads with glass mesh (BP10 series), decorative mouldings for rustication (BP11 series), decorative mouldings BP19 series and many others.

Bella Plast finishing profiles ensure proper termination and bonding of all layers of the thermal insulation system in the "light-wet" method, i.e. glass mesh, adhesive and plaster. The profile is designed to permanently bond these layers, without the possibility of delamination in the future due to the impact of changing weather conditions.

BP13 MIDI – listwa
PVC dylatacyjna przyokienna BP20 – listwa dylatacyjna
PVC podparapetowa

BP13 MIDI - PVC window expansion molding, BP20 - PVC sub-sill expansion molding.


New design in building insulation - BP19 decorative trim

Decorative trim BP19 (NEW) is a triangular external groove shape with a height of 32mm. Installation of the trim is carried out on the surface of the thermal cladding and is analogous to the typical installation of all strips and profiles dedicated to building insulation systems using the "light-wet" method. The arrangement of slats on the surface of the facade is completely arbitrary - depending on the adopted project. BP19 strip is another tool for architects, allowing to shape the view of the facade in a completely new design dimension.

BP19 listwa PVC
ozdobna wraz z systemową zaślepką BP19 CAP

BP19 PVC decorative trim with BP19 CAP system cap.


The BP19 trim can also be used in combination with other decorative moldings, in particular with the BP11 HTS triangular recessed rustication (grooving) trim (NEW), which is also the negative of the BP19 trim. Both slats can be mounted both vertically and horizontally, alternately and in any other position. The BP19 and BP11 HTS slats have received protection from the R.P. Patent Office.

For more information, visit the company's BELLA PLAST Jastrzębski i Wspólnicy Sp. K. page on thePdA portal.

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