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Ecophon ceilings - unlimited design possibilities

27 of December '20

For more than 50 years, Ecophon has been developing, manufacturing and selling acoustic products and systems that contribute to the creation of a good sound environment for work, study , convalescence, entertainment - in a word, wherever people communicate.


Our senses function best outdoors, under natural conditions, but today we spend more than 90% of our time indoors. Ecophon makes sure that acoustic conditions inside are as close as possible to those outside.

MASSIVE DESIGN, fot. Szymon Polański ECOPHON

CUSHMAN & WAKEFIELD, designed by MASSIVE DESIGN, photo by Szymon Polanski ECOPHON


The acoustics of interiors have a significant impact on their functionality, the well-being of users, and even their safety and health. With appropriate acoustic coefficients, Ecophon solutions contribute to meeting the requirements of the current reverberation standard

Health and environment

Ecophon systems contribute to improving indoor air quality, and therefore have no negative impact on our health. Glass wool, which is more than 70% recycled, is used in the production of acoustic panels. Ecophon systems have numerous independent certifications, confirming low emissions, including the Finnish M1 and French VOC.

Design and quality

Ecophon's wide range of products offers modular ceilings with numerous edges and formats, free-hanging panels and baffles, wall systems, hygienic ceilings that meet high maintenance requirements, and impact-resistant products for schools and sports halls.

Mareckie Centrum
Edukacyjno-Rekreacyjne, Marki, fot. B. Makowski © ECOPHON

Mareckie Centrum Edukacyjno-Rekreacyjne, Marki, photo: B. Makowski


The variety of colors, shapes, coatings and functionalities offers almost unlimited design possibilities, while the precision and accuracy of all the elements allows you to create the perfect space.

For more information, visit the company's ECOPHON, SAINT-GOBAIN page on the A&B portal.

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