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Ecophon acoustic ceiling and wall systems

26 of November '22

Ecophon is a leading provider of acoustic solutions that contribute to people's acoustic well-being. We believe that sound can make a difference in our lives, and we are committed to spreading awareness of the importance of room acoustics for the well-being of room users - regardless of location, activity or need.

A sound effect on people

Our sense of hearing has been adapted to receive sound stimuli in the natural environment. Therefore, our goal is to create in the interiors acoustic conditions characteristic of natural open space, optimal for human hearing, providing good speech intelligibility and low noise levels, positively affecting the well-being of people.

Kurikka Campus, Finlandia System: Ecophon Solo Baffle Wave

Kurikka Campus, Finland System: Ecophon Solo Baffle Wave


Builiding on better

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword - it's a movement to protect people and the planet that requires honest commitment and genuine concern. That's why Ecophon is committed to better materials, transparency and clear rules.

Biuro ISS, Fabryka Norblina, Warszawa System: Ecophon Master Eg z czarnymi krawędziami

ISS office, Norblin Factory, Warsaw System: Ecophon Master Eg with black edges


Our products

Ceilings and walls are part of every room, and despite changing trends, they are some of the largest surfaces that can shape interior acoustics. Thanks to the variety of products and their variants, you no longer have to choose between original design and good interior acoustics. Ecophon is the answer to changing design trends, but also to the ever higher acoustic requirements of users.

Numerous panel shapes, edges and formats, rich colors, surfaces adapted to different rooms, excellent sound-absorbing properties, as well as a high percentage of recycled material used in production - these are just some of the features of Ecophon systems.

Biuro Kinnarps, Wrocław System: Ecophon Master Eg z czarnymi krawędziami

Kinnarps office, Wroclaw System: Ecophon Master Eg with black edges


Modular ceilings can be designed in classic layouts, create custom mosaic layouts, and have fun with the difference in panel levels. Free-hanging panels can be used where installation of full-surface ceilings is not possible or advisable. Ecophon Solo systems allow you to create unusual and intriguing design solutions, enabling you to realize even the craziest, artistic ideas with optimal acoustic performance.

Biuro Echo Investment, Browary Warszawskie, Warszawa System: Ecophon Focus Ds

Echo Investment office, Browary Warszawskie, Warsaw System: Ecophon Focus Ds


Low-emissive, versatile and durable wall panels are the perfect complement to sound-absorbing ceilings. They improve speech clarity, reduce sound strength, limit sound propagation and eliminate fluttering echoes. The variety of shapes, colors, forms, and even the possibility to make your own imprint are an additional advantage that opens the gateway to your dream project.

Feel free to contact us! We will help you realize your project and take care of the acoustics.

For more information, visit the ECOPHON, SAINT-GOBAIN company page on the PdA portal.

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