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New products, plans and ambitions - Deceuninck summarizes fruitful meetings at BUDMA 2022

03 of February '22

Summary of BUDMA 2022 trade fair by Deceuninck

The past week was extremely active for Deceuninck. The manufacturer of PVC profiles presented its sustainable products at BUDMA as a Partner of the Association of Polish Windows and Doors at the information booth of the "GOOD MONTAGE - You build for generations" campaign. On Thursday, in turn, he hosted industry media at a press breakfast to present the new campaign for his flagship product - the Elegant series - as well as talk about upcoming product innovations and ambitious plans for the future.

BUDMA 2022, held February 1-4 this year, attracted more than 300 exhibitors and hundreds of visitors to Poznań. In addition to a press conference of the Polish Windows and Doors Association (POiD) on the grounds of the Poznań International Fair dedicated to the closed-loop economy, energy-efficient solutions and sustainable construction could be discussed with representatives of partner companies, including Deceuninck, at the POiD information booth. Meanwhile, on February 3, at the special invitation of the Belgian manufacturer, representatives of the editors of "Industry Forum", "VIP Joinery", "World of Glass" and the quarterly "OKNO" appeared at the Concordia Taste restaurant. The press breakfast, another one organized by Deceuninck, as expected by the organizer, met with great interest from the invited media.

Deceuninck - śniadanie prasowe podczas BUDMA 2022

Deceuninck - press breakfast during BUDMA 2022

© Deceuninck

PVC - the building material of the future

The meeting was opened by Grzegorz Federowicz, Sales Director of Deceuninck Poland:

The European Green Deal, which calls for a 55% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030, will trigger a wave of renovations. We estimate that up to 35 million buildings will have their woodwork replaced, as existing buildings need to become more energy efficient. PVC, due to its recyclability and the insulating properties of windows on these systems, is the most future-proof solution, so we are constantly developing advanced technologies based on our knowledge and experience built over generations.

After a short presentation on changes in the company, the main materials and markets, and the most important directions of development, there were Q&A sessions dedicated to individual issues, already with the participation of specialists of the Polish branch of Deceuninck: Krzysztof Kalita, Head of Technical Support, Dawid Nijak, Product Manager, and Robert Chalubinski, Sales Manager. Also present at the meeting was the CEO of Deceuninck Europe, Stijn Vermeulen, who once again visited BUDMA and gave interviews to the media.

New products and... digital

Referring to the benefits of modern recycled PVC, Deceuninck representatives talked about the new Phoenix series, which consists of window and door profiles made from 100% recycled PVC. This is a pilot product, present on the Belgian market for the time being, but showing the direction in which the entire industry should be heading. Other novelties were also discussed, such as the Elegant Grando system, recently available in Poland , with an installation depth of 84 mm, or the Legend Slide sliding door system, compatible with the Elegant system. The digitization of design and ordering processes was also discussed, with the presentation of Slidesoft - a tool dedicated to Deceuninck sliding systems - and software for window manufacturers for construction programming, preparation of design-execution documentation and statistical calculations, developed in cooperation with one of the leading manufacturers of such solutions. In addition, the company said talks are underway to expand or build another recycling plant at a new location - along the lines of the plant that has existed in Belgium's Diksmuide since 2012, which has a recycling capacity of 45,000 tons of PVC per year.
Deceuninck is ready for the future, as sustainable construction and the circular economy, not yet so obvious to everyone, are already standard for the Belgian manufacturer. The company's ambition is to invest further in processes and products based on PVC recycling.

For more information, visit the company 'sDeceuninck Poland Sp. z o.o.. page on thePdA portal.

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