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LAF drains - modern, elegant and highly durable

27 of November '22

LAF has 30 years of proprietary experience in bathroom and pool drains made of stainless steel

The main task of building linear drains around the pool is to drain the area around the pool during normal use, and to drain more water when washing the pool beach. As a rule, therefore, it is not an aesthetic element.

Czarna Perła - Czarna Góra Resort

Black Pearl - Black Mountain Resort


The company LAF-POLSKA designed the drainage with a narrow slot built up on two sides with tiles, where under the level of the tiles there is an expanded trough with a square cross-section to accommodate more runoff water. The building element, which as a rule is intended to serve mainly in a pragmatic way, can also be an elegant decor.

Studzienki rewizyjne w narożnikach odwodnienia

Inspection wells in the corners of the drainage system


On request, LAF-POLSKA offers linear drains with LED illumination, something it has specialized in for 5 years now. Specially programmed for such an installation, the controller has stored in its memory the lengths of the LED strips and the directions in which they are arranged, which allows the smooth application of lighting effects, such as a different-colored light hose around the pool. For this task, the drainage troughs are designed so that the lighting line is removable for cleaning and servicing.

Odwodnienie z instalacją podświetlenia LED

Drainage with LED illumination installation


Due to the materials used, the manufacturer does not anticipate the need for special periodic maintenance tasks. If, due to dirt, part of the lighting becomes darker, it is only necessary to pull the LED strip through the revision and wash it with isopropanol-based agent or extraction gasoline.

LAF-Poland's unique solutions not only in Poland, but also in the world

Solutions of the slotted drainage system have been used, among others, in the Hotel SPA Dr Irena Eris Polanica-Zdrój. Here, the LAF slot drainage proved to be an extremely interesting element, blending in with the appearance of the interior - gently but firmly cutting off the area of the outbuilding from the relaxation zone.

Hotel SPA Dr Irena Eris Polanica-Zdrój

Hotel SPA Dr Irena Eris Polanica-Zdrój


In order to achieve adequate capacity of the drainage and maintain its small height, a structure with multiple outflows and multiple, alternating slopes directed to them was designed. The cross-section itself forms the shape of a rotated square, ensuring good drainage on all sides of the trough. The 8mm-wide gap also ensures safety for small children's feet, poses no risk of slipping and does a good job of draining water even when the surface is washed away with a stream of water.

Indywidualny projekt - koryto niesymetryczne

Individual design - asymmetrical trough


AISI 316 acid-resistant steel was used as the material - a product with increased corrosion resistance, not only due to the use of pool chemicals, but also to the client's requirements for the lifetime of the facility. With such an installation of beach drainage, the trouble-free use of the facility can be estimated even more than 40 years.

For more information, visit the company's LAF-POLSKA page on the PdA portal.

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