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Segmented channels from LAF

27 of November '22


On the occasion of the company's 30th anniversary, this year we launched new segmented drainage channels:

  • PZU trough systems
  • slotted PZV

We hope that the variety of components will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Zespoły skrzynkowe – PZU

Box units - PZU


The solution is used in:

  • gastronomy
  • production halls
  • garages
  • car washes

and many other places, most often requiring the drainage of large quantities of used liquids, solutions, not infrequently acids and alkalis.

Zespoły szczelinowe – PZV

Slotted units - PZV



All products are made from AISI 304 DIN 1.4301 stainless steel as standard, but it is also possible to manufacture from other types of steel, such as acid-resistant AISI 316 DIN 1.4404, on request.

  • The surface treatment of the individual parts is satin finish (sandblasted/blasted).

  • Gutter bodies are made of 1.5 mm thick sheet metal. They have feet for adjustment. Depending on the model, they have one or two flanges for connecting a drain or drain and gutter. They are available in 1000 mm or 1500 mm sizes.

Zespoły skrzynkowe – PZU

Box assemblies - PZU


  • PR2525 anti-slip grates for the PZU system and drains have mesh sizes of 25x25 mm. They are available in 150 mm or 500 mm sizes.

  • The gullies are available with a DN100 bottom drain ("S" version) and DN100 side drain ("B" version). They have one or two flanges for connecting gutters. The elements are bolted together with the supplied screws. They contain an anti-odor trap and a strainer for coarse dirt.

Zespoły szczelinowe – PZV

Slotted assemblies - PZV


We keep the items shown in our warehouse available at all times.

For more information, please visit the LAF-POLSKA company page on the PdA portal.

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